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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Jan 8, 2011.

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  1. ..when your kids, or workmates, are being uppity... personal fave : Stop that or we'll sell you to the gypsies.

    ( Round where I live, that is actually a horrifying threat !!! )
  2. You can't call them Gypsies anymore.The PC term is "Travellers"

  3. If you won't stop that and behave yourself I'll send YOU to the gypsies!
  4. "If you don't behave, I'll send you to stay with Grandma." It works quite well on my workmates.
  5. When I was young parents had the option to exchange their naughty children for a wicker basket or a tin can (we called these people "Tinkers" then, not Gypsies). The tinkers often found they had the worst of the bargain and tried to give the children back - in a large wicker cage!

    BTW Is "tinker" now also a non-PC term?

    They were probably closely related to "Gypsies" and travelled the country with a horse and caravan and a large array of wares which they claimed they made themselves. (Some were actually very skilled tinsmiths). Older relatives used to claim they had an honour code which was equal to the best in our (then) society.

    PS No one actually gave their children away - the threat was enough!
  6. Especially when you mention that she'd have been 144 yrs old is she was still alive. :twisted:
  7. When I was young the threat during long car trips was that my parents would set us out of the car somewhere on the hard shoulder and pick us up on the way back.
    Once, after us misbehaving they actually stopped along the motorway and put us out of the car. We took this as a sign to promptly set of in to a maisfield and not come out for about half an hour!
    My parents never threatened to set us out of the car again after that...
  8. Ex - is there nothing better you can dig up ?
  9. Oh yes :twisted: Gotta Urn my keep somehow.
  10. They didn't:?:

  11. Perhaps they did - but never admitted it.
    Look for a wicker basket or large tin bucket your parents treasured. It might be all that's left of a misbehaved sibling!
  12. I should take the Mess Webley for laughing at that !!!!
  13. I much prefer growling "stop being a CUNT" sorts my 8 year old right out
  14. If you don't pack in I'll smack you legs and stop your comics. Works a treat.
  15. Ahem! I wasn't really thinking about my parents. :sweatdrop: