Things to do with fuzes

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by kneedrop_boy, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. A question for all those technical types

    On finding a badly damaged L116 fuze should you
    a. leave it alone? :D
    b. mark it and call the people who make things go away? :D
    c. take it back to your office and use it as a paperweight? :roll:

    If you answer A or B you are 99% of the population
    If you answered C your are destined for greatness of rank - but exactly how many sandbags are required to make said item go away without trashing the rest of your office? :oops:

    and discuss........ :wink:
  2. So ............ go on go on go on go on go on ...........
    We want to know.
  3. Depends:

    If (in the most unlikely case) it has been removed from a blind, then you should use the person who moved it as tamping, ensuring you use at least a full box of PE4 as that person obviously has a head full of lead.

    If it has just been knocked about a bit, leave it, report it to ATO who will move it outside and destroy it.

    Sandbags will only miigate frag. Overpressure will still trash the office.
  4. The bloke who's office this was is a very good friend of mine and he was given these fuses years ago, there is no danger from these fuses, just a small minded, jobsworth ATO, trying to make a name for himself. could of easily picked them up and scraped them as they set themselves back to safe after 6 hours. :evil:

  5. I have a number of problems with your post:

    1. You appear to find it acceptable for people to retain explosive items.

    2. Jobsworth ATO. Really - ATO will only have been called at the behest of someone else or if the items had been spotted by the ATO during an ammunition inspection or other visit. If you think it is jobsworthy for someone to actually do their job then you are clearly a knob. Personnally i never get embaressed when i am imposing explosive safety.

    3. I'm glad you know so much about the munition, it is just this kind of short sightedness that causes so many pointless incidents because people think they know more than they actually do. You are suggesting that an L116 fuze, once fired and blind, will be re-usable after 6 hours. Alternatively you could mean that the capacitor will be considered discharged 2 hours after firing and is then safe to approach - IT IS NOT SAFE TO MOVE. This is the reason it has limited uses during training and virtually none during combined arms training, as troops cannot move into the area immediately after L116 have been used.

    The L116 fuze has been in subject to a lengthy ban due to a breach explosion.

    Certain batches of the L116 have been withdrawn from service due to explosive/chemical migration.

    All explosives are subject to degradation and over a period of time this can lead to a change in their make up, in many cases explosives can become extremely sensitive to shock, heat and/or friction thus negating any safety and arming mechanisms within the munition. Any detonating fuze will easily take your hand off if not kill you.

    However if you think this is wrong and me and any othere ATOs are just a bunch of jobsworths then please pop over to BATUS and you can fire off the 386 L15s that are fuzed with suspect fuzes. It will save me and the lads a defuze/refuze task and we can fcuk of skiing.

    Alternatively you could just think about what you are posting, idiot. :x
  6. Why would you fool around with fuzes..?
  7. Piccies on here please.

    Were they blown in situ? If so why?
  8. Of course they were.


    Edited to add:

    Were they blind?
  9. So, a similar tale...

    I was in my HQ (all snuggly and safe) in Baghdad a while back, when all hell broke loose. All the alarms went of for rocket attack and the like, we all donned the necessary.

    A while after it transpired that a US patrol had returned to the Ops Room in the next building to ours with a LIVE ROCKET!! Discussion went a bit like this:

    IS National Guardsman: "Sir, we found this rocket on our patrol, so bought it in for safe disposal" Drops rocket at feet of duty Officer.

    Duty Officer legs it and hits panic button...

    We had to laugh. Later.

    This story sounds good however. cant wait for phots
  10. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Not wishing to dive into a great Gunners discussion but having messed around with the L116 a few times I would not suggest they are safe in anything but their designed area of use, and even then they are getting a bit old and dodgey in my mind.

    Even if they do reset after 6 hours, the nice sensitive booster pellet will have had a lovely battering if it's been fired and I wouldn't want to pick one up.

    But if you are really interested in the correct answer I can wander down the end of the office and ask the Design Authority what he thinks ;)

  11. just cause it didn't go bang the first time does'nt mean it can't :roll:
    I suppouse this good friend is hard at work on fres :twisted: anyone's stupid enough to put live things that could go bang in an office deserves to have office blown up and will probably go far in mod :twisted:
  12. Don't bother - I'll hazard a guess - He did What :?

    Fuzes can always come back to bite your arrse. Anybody remember the M412 fuze from the 66mm that hurt sombody some of us knew? Stopped his wanking career for a while.

    However - how did the fuze unscrew itself from the shell during flight? Surely to God nobody was stupid enough to take it off a blind.
  13. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Not far off....he actually said...'not another one!!'.....

    I think he is still shocked from the time the police walked into the office with a box and dropped it on his desk and said....'what do we do with these' which point we vacated the office for a few hours!!!
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen...Safe On The Board has now left the building......through numerous exit points.
  15. Safe On The Board,
    The problem is that the small minded, jobs worth ATO trying to make a name for himself is listening, and if you want to question my technical ability I suggest you start by becoming a technical authority.
    In my defence I can say with some certainty - "You Sir, are a Dick!".