Things to do this summer

The Fenian Bride has returned from her annual girls weekend away on the lash. This year, as a change from France or Spain (the previous three trips have been in one or other) they went to Plymouth. Curiously not on a SCH but to stay in Crownhill Fort, where members of the Landmark Trust can rent a flat.

Apart from that being a blinding place to spend a sunny April weekend, the fort is a top venue to visit with miles of tunnels and an unrivalled array of fortress artillery to dabble with. Even these eight booze crazed chicks enjoyed the history. Eventually they reverted to type and that is what brings me to the real recommendation behind this post. Yeah, lets face it we all know enough about siege and garrison artillery.

No, the real place to go and visit is the Plymouth gin factory (Blackfriars Distillery, 60 Southside Street) . Take the tour, try the samples and then buy lashings of the crystal nectar to bring home to your dear ones - which the TFB bless her has done in spades. We are now a gin-rich nation although I fear that cannot possibly last as a stable state!

Cuddles is not an employee of the Plymouth gin company but by rights I ought to own it by now!


Crownhill. The old home of 59 Cdo.
Any bits they left around me wonders?
Apart from your gin that is.

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