Things to do instead of H14

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by EX_STAB, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. I've been taken off the list for H14. Not my choice.

    I'm not alone.

    So what useful things can we be doing till the next call goes up? I don't think I'll be the only one wondering this.....
  2. Clearly your dress standards weren't up to those required of a representative of HMF in view of foreign nationals. Spend a bit more time bulling your boots and starching your webbing and perhaps you'll be considered for H15.

    Oh, and get a haircut. Brushing up on your drill wouldn't go amiss, either.
  3. Depending on your rank have a look at the OCE list and see if anything takes your fancy.
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I know you and I have crossed swords on this before, but here goes:

    1. Find out why you were taken off the list. If it was a simple numbers cull, and your name was not drawn then there is little that can be done other than carry on jogging and hope for a better result next time. If it was because they chose someone else as more suitable for the task required (ie they wanted a rifle platoon Pte and your age/fitness counted against you) then accept what you cannot change, and address what you can.

    2. Increase your chances of being picked next time by improving your employability. Don't focus on what you used to be able to do well in the '90s - focus on what you could do well now, and aim to increase your employability. Driving skills, medical skills, air skills (RM/LPC), storeman quals...there are quite a few options. These are skills that the receiving unit would be pleased to get, and would add real value to life in HQ/FOB locations. They also accept the reality that being a rifle platoon Tom on ops is unbelievably hard work, and trying to do it at 15 - 20 years older than the average Tom, carrying all of the accumulated injuries and sprains that come with age is not something that everyone can do.

    3. Retrade to a CS or CSS role where you will be specifically employed for particular skill sets rather than trying to fight against the tide of demand for rifle platoon soldiers.

    You may think that I am picking on you because of age, but the problem is not age it is age/role mismatch. We are of a similar age. 7 years ago I was a rifle platoon commander and was regularly blowing out of my arrse. Whilst I still have the knowledge and experience to do that job, I doubt I have the fitness. I have moved on, and will therefore be employed in a far more sedate role in a HQ. I would much rather be cutting around doing the good thing as a rifle platoon commander, but it is time to leave it to the next generation and get on whith what I am best suited to doing now. My rank and role match age and experience - yours (and most other rejoiners) don't.
  5. As someone mentioned depends why you where taken of the list.

    Ask if another unit has a PID available. Which unit has taken you without your "permission" off the list?

    You don't need to wait for the next call as trawls are going out all the time.
  6. Our unit has had the spaces limited so the cream has been put forward.

    So unfortunatly the borderlines and those with past G1 issues have been stood down.
  7. Maybe it was the thought of you cutting about in Helmand province with that 58 pattern water bottle pouch on your webbing wot done it:-0
  8. Get on courses that your regular battalion need. My battalion not only need rifleman they are in need of HGV drivers and Combat medics. You have a while to get things sorted for Herrick 15.

    P.s I can understand if you were taken of due to age. I know who I would pick if you had to choose from a 40 year old who runs a pft in 14 minutes to a 21 year old sprog who can run it in 9 minutes.
  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    Bad luck old man. I know you had set yourself up for this and it must be a hell of a blow, but despite everything, there always seem to be more volunteers than slots to fill. Realistically, the best you can do is, as The Duke suggested above, focus on specialising in a sought-after niche role. CMTs (same-same RMA of old) are always popular and you can stay in the Infantry.

    Support weapon trades vary in desirability. During my last tour, there was a push to put bods on Mortar cadres during PDT. The Bn replacing us initially requested Assault pioneers, though never employed them as such. Team medics however, seem to be a constant must.

    To chime in again with The Duke, age does you no favours out there. Being a combat Infantryman in Hellmand is truly a young man's game and your body will suffer the more for every extra year you have. I say that as someone who has more grey hairs than I care for myself! Good luck with getting deployed in the future mate.
  10. That's the most positive thing you've said to me on here for a long while and I thank you for it.
  11. Aaaaaw you can just feel the love
  12. I'd expected to get slated on here but felt I had to state what was happening. Thanks for the generous and kind replies.

    I'm (painfully) aware of my age and I'm certainly not a racing snake. That said, I never was and I do take the view that a CFT is more of a measure of practical fitness than a PFT. Some of you may have clocked my recent comments on OFTs. We did a couple of these on camp, on OFT 1 (which we ran with the weights specified PLUS weapon) I was outside the pass time but so was practically everyone else who did it. There were younger blokes behind me and one older bloke (of my rank) who IS going so I wasn't dropped simply for fitness. The other OFT we did I had no problems with.

    I missed one of the "ticks in a box" as I was carrying an injury at the time and was told not to do it. It was a CFT, not something I'd expect to have a problem with. I was taken off the list as a result. Only found this out some weeks later. If the injury had improved I might have got back on the list but it hasn't done and is unlikely to do so in the next couple of weeks so I have to accept that this is how things are this time around.

    I think this will give me some breathing space to get myself mended, build my fitness back up and do some career courses. If I end up going out on a future Mobilisation and it's as a driver, storeman, GD man or whatever then I'm not so far up myself as to think that those roles are beneath me. I'm not the obvious choice as Grenadier in 1 Section, 1 Platoon, A Coy 1st Loamshires although I think it would be fair to say I have a good deal to offer.

    Reckon I best start concentrating on being ready for the next one. Thanks again for the support.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    It is just a more politely worded version of what I have been saying for some time. Toms in their late 30's/40' (and beyond) have very limited utility. It is the rare exception who meets the fitness levels of the regular Pte soldier in their late teens/early 20s which is the standard they need to be able to meet if they expect to deply as such.

    Fit for role, not fit for their age. Anything else is good enough for stores/admin jobs, and the regular Bns have lots of downgraded soldiers of their own to do that. What they need/want is fit bodies to fill gaps in the platoons - if you can't offer that, you need to find something else to offer that they really need.


    You have had a run of injuries from your "ex-stab rehab" days. Sadly, it comes with age. Unfortunately, it would make you a liability on patrol when you are working far, far harder than a CFT or OFT day in, day out for 6 months.
  14. Politeness goes a long way. :)

    If you think back on things we've discussed, I doubt that you'll find me arguing AGAINST the idea that people need to be fit for role regardless of age. I would say though, that looking around bods in my Bn that you have youngsters who have speed but no stamina and oldies who have stamina but no speed. A match of stamina and speed is required I think and it's easy to look at the failings of the oldies and not see the failings of the youngsters. A big difference is how quickly people recover from injury and that certainly favours the young.

    As far as I'm concerned I'll see what prospects there are for me deploying in some useful capacity and take it from there. Suggestions gratefully received though. :)