things to do in the block

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. right, its sunday. the most boring day of the week. im bored. the lads have hardly any money as it is more than one week since payday and im looking for things to do.

    just wondering if there was anything that the old and bold done on the cheap to entertain themselves.

    for reference iv already.

    wanked myself into stupor
    ironed my kit

    please help me think of something, or donate a crate to your nearest singly block.
  2. Come into work and finish my duty for me.

    Finish at 0830 the morra. Bring a laptop and some food.

    See you in 15 mins.

  3. wind up the guardroom with phone pranks.
  4. Heres a novel idea ...go for a run.

    SK :D
  5. Set off all the firealarms and repeat every hour.
  6. its already gone off three times today...

    sorry four... its just gone off again... whilst im typing this!!

    gonna be a few charred bodies if it is a real fire. because no one is leaving.

    as for going for a run... how about no. we do 4 runs a week here anyway!

    keep em comin though!
  7. get some hazard tape and put it on the door off the local fez. Then tie his/her doorhandle to the doorhandle of the room opposite and knock on the doors. hours of amusement watching them trying to get out!
  8. Why don't you stage a dirty protest in the block at being bored and get up on the roof and start launching roof tiles?
  9. Sig_E. Read the int Cell forum. There is a few comments in there regarding your transferring. n00b
  10. If in Germany go and offend the locals? Seemed to work for my lads in Fally anyway.
  11. right the strings on doors thing has entertained me for at least half an hour.


    awaiting revenge attacks. does a car battery attached to a door knob work?
  12. If you have a key to your mates room, why not rearrage his funiture for him, then when he comes back of leave he will be sooo happy. Better still swap rooms with him. If thats does not take your fancy, remove bed springs, leave turd in boots etc...... (Assuming your unit is on leave).
  13. Further to Yes_Sir's suggestions, you could black nasty his clothes to the wall and watch the look of confusion when they come back in off the pish. I've seen this happen many times and have had it done to me as well.

  14. Ha ha ha. ^^^^^^

    Must try that.

    Furthermore if you have pets in the block, hardly likely I'll agree, affix black nasty or sellotape to the paws of your cats and watch world war 3 break out.
  15. put everything up side down fcuk me its funny.