Things to do in that there London (For Free!!!)

Discussion in 'Travel' started by commzmeanzbombz, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. Good afternoon All,

    Several hundred of my closest pals and I are going to be spending a couple of months in our nations capital later on this year and I am very concerned that we will have long periods of boredom to fill.

    Can anyone suggest any form of attraction that is free to holders of an MOD 90 so I can keep them well informed and occupied?

    Just out of curiosity is there anyone here who may be able to supply a few free tickets to some form of attraction throughout the summer months i.e Madame Tussaurds or something along those lines?


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  2. The Coach and Horses pup behind Covent Garden does the best pint of Guiness in the world.
    The Weterspoons pub about 100 metres up from horse guards isn't alllowed to fry chp because you can smell em in buck palace and the Queen complained...
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  3. All good stuff guys, its good that most of the museums in London are free, I would have expected that this would be a good revenue source!!
  4. Go to the national gallery with a hangover and wait for the pubs to open.
    Constable / Monet/ Van Gough/Rembrant -anticipating an all day breakfast with a pint when the pub opens at 11 makes you proud to be British!
  5. Our dept had our last years Xmas dinner in that pub, seems very popular with many of the MB staff too..
  6. Don't expect very much to be free, except for a walk in the parks. For the most part, London is a tourist trap with everything over priced. All the tourist spots will cost you an arm and a leg. Worth taking a camera though to grab a few souvineer piccies. More so if you can make it to any public events.
  7. Not free but relativly cheap at £10 per head for a group of 12; could either be interesting or incredibly boring. Take a tour of the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand

  8. If you like chinese food,don't go to Gerrards Street (China Town),go around the corner into Shaftsbury Ave,and look for the little chinese cafes/retaurants,cheaper,and better food.

    If you're not sure,just look inside,most of them are packed with chinese customers (hint). ;-)
  9. I also found a smile and a pleasant manner when asking 'do you discount for Forces personnel' was met with a positive response, in places that don't advertise. If you don't ask you'll never know.
  10. UJC is also very nice for lunch and if any of your lot are the quiet type, the library is just the place to take your coffee.
  11. No 1 London will give you an admission discount of 60p if you show them your MOD90.
  12. National Army Museum is free... as is arranging to take your bods to the Royal Hospital Chelsea to meet some of the ol'timers.