Things to do in San Antonio?

I'm going to be spending some time working in San Antonio in late June. Has anyone been here and have any recommendations of things to do at night or on our days off?
I already know not to p**s on the Alamo (my hotel is just next door), or point out that it actually belonged to the Mexicans at the time of the battle.
So, any help?
As an update I'm now back.
And what did we do - apart from eat very large, very expensive and very tasty steaks? Well it's Texas; so we phoned a shooting range, hired a plethora of firearms and spent an afternoon putting rounds down the range :)
They let us hire a Glock .45, an AK47, an MP5 and an M3 grease gun! And it was so easy to do. This is the phone call we made:

Me: Hi is that the Bullet Hole?

Them: Sure is

Me: We're here visiting from the UK and have a day off. Is it possible for us to hire a gun and have a shoot?

Them: Sure, what type do you want?

Me: Type?

Them: We have pistols, rifles, automatics...

Me: Automatics?

Them: Sure, we have AR-15's, M-16's, M3's a sten gun and a selection of HK's

Me: We'll be right over!

And it was as easy as that. All we had to do was sign a waiver, get the weapons and buy rounds. Admittedly we did have one of them help us out with the automatics as my friend I was there with had never fired anything like these before.
There is something highly wrong with cocking the M3 by sticking your finger in a hole in the breech block and drawing it back BTW!
If you are ever in the area I can highly recommend the Bullet Hole: The Bullet Hole Shooting Complex San Antonio's Best Range and Concealed Carry Resource if you have the urge to go full auto :)

*Wish we hired the sten as well now :(
Did you walk around the Alamo , saying loudly "We could have held it"
My hotel was right next door. I'll tell you now I was busting for a Pi*s on the way back some nights!
They have a big memorial outside it with all of the names of those who dies. Apart from a couple of Hispanic names, it could have been any war memorial in the UK when you look at the names. I'll not go into the politics of what went on at the time i.e. they went there to steal land from the Mexicans.


i shall be going there in September for 10 days! What hotel were you staying in? Did you get a taxi to the San Antonio airport and if so how much did it cost? Im looking at the Red Roof at the moment, i dont want it too expensive nor do i want to star in the next episode of cops!

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