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Things to do in Qatar when youre nearly dead

I'll be traveling to the Far East later this year via Qatar. Wondering if it's worth arranging a brief stopover in Qatar. Is there anything worth seeing/doing there? Bear in mind I am old and knackered so camel racing, clubbing and visiting local harems is out.

Is there a local Werthers Original factory I could tour?


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Having been the for a few months back during TELIC 1, I can reccommend a wander round Doha City. A mix of modern and ancient (although not as ancient as you I understand) and the souks are well worth a visit.
I was only there for a couple of hours each time so didnt leave the crappy building or tent that they stuck us in.
The food was interesting though, massive sandwiches and shed loads of melted chocolate, strange but I thought the local cuisine would have been more 'eastern'!
Al Udeid does a very good line in frozen sandwiches and luke warm water. The accommodation leaves a little to be desired though :D

Seriously, I've heard that Doha, whilst not worthy as a specific holiday destination, is worth a couple of days if you're passing through.
According to The Times it was the Qataris who just bought Chelsea Barracks for £900m - save yourself the airfare and stagger across the road from the RH to sample their delightful culture. Just don't trust them because they all tell big fibs all the time.
Don't forget to inspect the 'gents' toilets in the departure longe - they are something that should appear on 'Life of Grime'. Take your own paper and wear wellies as the floor is ankle deep in "fluids"
sniper_bob said:
According to The Times it was the Qataris who just bought Chelsea Barracks for £900m - save yourself the airfare and stagger across the road from the RH to sample their delightful culture. Just don't trust them because they all tell big fibs all the time.
No lodgings at the Royal Hospital for me I'm afraid - I'm of a saltier persuasion. When I was there recently, the pensioners all threw iPods at me while shouting 'Mr Bean, Mr Bean'. Must be some sort of weird, army tradition.

Many thanks to all who replied to my query.
TBH, I think you'd be better off going to either Dubai or Bahrain.

Qatar is a dry state for a start...
You might like to email ahead to the Ritz Carlton and ask if they have a rate for off-duty Brit service personnel.

If that does not work try the intercontinental. Both are a bit off the beaten track, but if you just want gym , pool and somewhere of your own to hook yr laptop up it should do.

If you have a few sponds to spare, the hotel's own car may be a bit more dependable, in sy terms, that the taxis. The souk is pretty standard fare for the region, but better souveniers than the airport or hotel shopping.

If you want to blow a bit of cash on local scoff, email the defence section in the Embassy and ask if there are any resturaunts they could re.commend.

( BAE used to have an office out there :wink: )


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the_matelot said:
TBH, I think you'd be better off going to either Dubai or Bahrain.

Qatar is a dry state for a start...
I dunno, I managed to get legless a fair few times. Most of the hotels have bars that are open to the public. They may not me advertised heavily, but they're there.

Marriott - (7th floor. They do a Karaoke too!)
Ritz Carlton

and others as well. Check 'em out. You'll have to fight through the ex-pats to get to the bar of course.
i know this is a month old post, but thought id share my views of travels to the middle east..

Going by my experiences... if your going to stop over anywhere for a couple of Days then there are a couple of choice places, all, funnily enough seem to be middle east hubs, it'll just depend on who you fly with, and what your looking to do at the other end..

Bahrain, smashing wee island, loads to see and do.. Islands clean enough, locals are decent and altho they're still arabs, they're very civil. the island itself is very westernised but at the same time holds onto its arabian roots. plenty of bars and clubs, i could guide you to a few good ones! along with some of the "coffee shops"
I know about bahrain, cos for the last 18 months its been (on and off) my second home while i commisioned a plant out here

There is accomodation for all budgets and you'll find that unless your stopping in a right wee dive, then they're all fairly decent.

Bahrains the place to go if you like your motorsport and theres usually something on every weekend (arab weekend being thursday + friday, although im sure bahrain went friday+saturday as of september last year)

Dubai, is another equally good city, and you only have to look at its ever growing skyline to know that there is some money being spent, however, this is also reflected in such things as the price of drink in the hotels and bars..

Qatar, i've only ever sat on the tarmac, but i hear good things about it, and its becoming a place to visit more and more, even for those who reside with in the GCC
Last time I went through Qatar (8 hours stopover so crashed at nearest hotel) the bastards confiscated my bottle of Bush (which was going to shorten the 8 hours). Departures hall is always standing room only, too. Use Dubai instead.
See if you can locate the ex-pats Rugby club. Excellent little drinking den. I watched the last Rugby world tournament there in 2003. Really friendly people (especially to forces or ex forces types) and plenty of booze and the odd sausage or bacon sandwich. I would offer an address or directions but it was 4 years ago and I was very drunk.

Most of the Hotels also have bars but can be a bit pricey. If your into golf check out the Doho Golf club. Very reasonable rates and a nice bar, although we were most impressed by the toilets and showers! :D
Lived in Qatar for a year, it isnt a dry state by any means, take two days, try to stay in the rydges, not far from the corneish (sp) and it has a bar on the top floor with a swimming pool that they used to do wet tshirt competions in.
The ramada is the place for chinese/russian whores.
The marriot has a pretty decent bar with a few pool tables and they do theme nights.
Mikes kitchen is an American diner which does good food, and just along is a greesy spoon run by a bloke from boro (no pork though) both are open during Ramadan to a white face.
The corniesh (sp) is quite good to have a walk along, with a bevvie in the sheriton at the end. U can get any where by Jingly taxis which are cheap and scary as fook will take u anywhere you want and you can flag them down from any round about/Junction. The gold souk is pretty good for a wonder round, so is electricity street which, you guessed it, sells cheap electrical goods.
The golf course is just out of town, not far from the corneish (jingly taxi again) they serve good food and you dont have to be a member to play the 9 hole course, they do a good lunch aswell.
The bars are quite expensive mind.
Anything else just ask.
PS please ignore spelling, half way throught a bottle of Jack D.

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