Things to do in New York?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Ord_Sgt, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Paying a visit to the big apple for a long weekend in June with the GF and am after some ideas of things to do. I mean I know all the usual tourist things like Times Square, Statue of Liberty etc. So was wondering if any of you lot have any suggestions of things to do/see.

  2. Shopping
  3. I went for a run around Central Park.

    Viist Madison Square Garden and see whatever is on. We got tickets from a tout and saw the NY Knicks, very entertaining.

    Eat loads, every type of food there is on sale in NY!
  4. Can recommend lunch at the Artisanale Fromagerie (212 725 8585) at 2, Park Avenue. Sounds very knobby, I admit, but it's very good and if you don't like cheese, the steak and chips is brilliant.

    Also lunch at the Algonquin Hotel. Well solid, esp if you need to impress the memsahib.

    Radio City Music Hall tour good.

    Also a trip to 'Ground Zero'. Very moving and not in any way tasteless, unless you encounter a religious lobby while you are there.

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  5. Fromagerie? You mean they have actual cheese rather than the plastic stuff which so blights every american meal?
  6. Museum of Natural History - awesome.
    And breakfast/brunch at any roadside diner.
    Warning - DON'T BE TEMPTED TO TRY A TWINKIE BAR. You'll regret it.
  7. [/quote]

    Fromagerie? You mean they have actual cheese rather than the plastic stuff which so blights every american meal?[/quote]

    Oh yes. No Monterey Jack or sliced Swiss. They do various platters; mountain cheese, blue cheese, er, Venezuelan beaver cheese, shut that bloody bazouki up, etc, etc.

    But it's worth a punt. And, no, I'm not a shareholder.
  8. Tia Na Nog - hugely recommended, it's just behind Madison Square Gardens on 8th. I practically lived in there. Run by the craziest Irish chaps ever and awesome food/ soda bread. However, don't go on a game night as it gets uber rammed.

    The museums are awesome Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) is awesome I frequently show the like of Jackson Pollack (I think One is still there) and Picasso. The Natural History Museum is fab.

    True american dinner action has to be had a EJ's, there is one on both West and East side, (west is along Amsterdam Ave approx 80th IIRC). Proper family run jewish brunch action, order some Chollah (pronounced holla) with your brekkie!

    Chinatown is worth a butchers, even if you just walk round it. The sights and sounds are ridiculous, last time I ended up watching a duck getting it's 'last rights' on the pavement - euuughhh!

    Ground Zero definitely worth a visit, if only to appreciate the scale of the sight, plus if you venture into the visitor centre near the PATH you can see the model of the new building.

    Also if you have time/energy/money I would recommend a trip across the water to New Jersey, more specifically Hoboken. They have the most 'all american dinner' there ever called Johnny Rockets. Where the staff all get on the tables and dance to old 50's music. Plus when the sun goes down the view from the water looking back to Manhattan is very beautiful, useful if one is getting down on bended knee!

    Anymore suggestions needed please PM me :-D
  9. Few ideas that do not involve shopping:

    Metropolitan Museum

    Intrepid Sea/Air/Space Museum

    Circle Line cruise around Manhatten Island

    Meal at the Tribeca Grill

    Empire State & Statue of Liberty were not really worth the hassle.
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Thanks - some great ideas there. Damned quick too. Keep em coming, I'm traveling there on a Thursday and staying until Monday evening, so a few days to fill.
  11. I can thoroughly recomend a trip to the site of 9/11

    i went a few weeks ago, stood reading a cheesey tribute thing. A septic turned to me and said something equally cheesey about what a tragedy etc.

    I reminded him that we had been fighting terror for three or more decades and it was about time they joined the party instead of financing it.

    I felt my presence wasn't wanted much long after that so i went to bloomingdales.

    Look up Liberty helicopters, got for the skyline tour, but ask if you can have a pilot with a sense of humour and a voicebox, not the muppet with an almond in his bonce that took me.

    If you go to a decent hotel, don't get drunk, moon and finger your date saying 'Look at my big apple' at the concierge
  12. Sadly, the Intrepid has been moved while they restore her moorings, but the Staten Island Ferry is still running, and its free........bargain :D
  13. I found walking around Central Park and then into the canyons under the skyscrapers to be astonishing. I was there in late September and the reason for those well-known words of the song became very clear... "on the sunny side of the street"...

    It is very cold in the shadows on the other side of the street!

    Otherwise, I agree with the others. I then drove NE up to the Hamptons and then into New England, but you might not have the time.

  14. I would advise that the walk up to the top of the Statue of Liberty is really not worth the effort. Long windy brass staircase up to the 'crown', where there's a tiny viewing platform which you can stay on for about 20 seconds until the queue behind you start moaning.

    Ellis Island worth a look though, you can do both on the same trip.
  15. Empire State at night if you can great views but there can be a queue. Also if you go to Bloomingdales (a must really) make sure you speak to a member of staff about not having to pay tax as your only a tourist save they also gave me a free gift as I spent over $50. Also the natural History museum is very good if its your sort of thing.