Things to do in Cape Town


I am taking the current & final to Cape Town for 10 days at the begining of March and would be grateful for some pointers.

Can any Arrsers recommend places to eat, drink, visit or avoid?

Thanks in advance.

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For restaurants, if you like Indian, you've just got to visit Bukhara - one of the best I've ever seen. Food is really good, as well. Have a look at Haiku.
The waterfront. There is a german brewery Pauliner(?) on the waterfront and they do some nice german food, especially the roast pig knuckle. They also have some good touristy fish restaurants by the quayside. The Belgian pub, a big white wooden affair is good.
Table mountain usual boat ride. Hire a car and if you get the chance, drive out to a beach restaurant called the strandloper, about an hour out of CT. Go hungry as there is a 12 course lunch and you can take your own wine. Drive back pissed like the rest of the population.
Next day go out to the Paal district and visit some of the best wineries in the world.

There are quite a few SA's on arrse, i am sure for the price of a rum and coke they would give you a guided tour.
Don't go taking your wife for a look at the rough side of town unless you want to come back without her.
Be careful, its easy to be in the wrong place and it does give you a false sense of security. You will be hit by beggars every where you go. It's still Africa and you don't have to scratch the surface much to feel like you are in Lagos.


Do Table Mountain, the veiws over the city are amazing, but get there early, around 7.30-8.00am, because it get very busy, but check that it is open, if it get to windy the cable cars don't run.

The V&A water front is good for bars and food.

Hire a car and drive the Chapmans peak drive.


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dont show you have a wallet!,4 available pockets?,split money up to suit ;-)
Drive down to the point but watch out for the baboons. Seriously, make any piss stops quick as a bite from one of them fcukers will have you spending the rest of your trip in hospital.
Drive over the pass over the back of table mountain, Chapmans Peak, very scenic in the evening. There is a nice fish restaurant in the popular bay on the indian ocean side. Take one of the boat rides out to see the seals and killer whales/sharks.
The best seafood restaurant i found was in a small village called Melkbosstrand on the Atlantic side, its about a half hour drive north of CT and the restaurant is called Orca. Its dirt cheap and the best seafood i have ever eaten.
If you are going to do Table Mountain, go early in the morning and take a packed lunch. Walk along the mountain to the other peak. Its too crowded on the peak and most of the tourists hang around the summit. Its far better breaking away and walking across the top if the weather is fine. You get much better views both sides of the mountain.

Edited to add: sorry for dribbling on. Apart from Phuket in the 80's, CT was the best holiday we have had. If you have the cash, jump on a flight to Durban, hire a car and go and spend a few nights at Fugitives drift. Brilliant.
I was lucky and had a three month work assignment in CT so I had people willing to spend time showing me around. Mrs Biff was seriously looking at real estate. It took two kidney punches to get her out of the estate agents.


Thanks for so many replies, especially Northern-Biff (You dribble away mate, the more, the merrier!) this is exactly what I wanted.

We are not going for another couple of weeks, so keep it coming.

Cheers chaps!
Stay away from Long street and the bars after dark. It gets a bit tasty and you will be outnumbered by bruvvers before you can turn around.
Dont buy your tat from the expensive stores in V&A or the waterfront shops. Go to the markets in the old town or near the foreshore area. Dont leave your man bag handy when dining in one of the many street cafes.
As someone mentioned above, there are some good Indian restaurants the Bukhara is the most expensive but the quality is good. They do a cheese kebab which is bloody lovely and has just set me dribbling so i am off to raid the fridge.
Dont be shy about ordering a takeaway in your hotel and getting it delivered.


Oh bollocks... our hotel Long Street.



Badgers- I'd already clocked the Cabbage, so thanks for confirming it.

Marco-Tell me where to find the knobber and I'll get my missus to chat to him for a while. He'll wish I'd stuffed a turd through his door after that...


The 2 Oceans Aquarium knocked my family's socks off when I went as a brat. Not everyone's cup of tea, but some impressive displays.


Where to start..

A few quid will get you a minibus and guide up to Stellenbosch for a full days wine tasting and lunch, dropped off back at your hotel in the evening.

Head over to Camps Bay for a few drinks on the bars along the beach, with outstanding seafood at Blues if you are feeling flush.

For a pub lunch like no other, head to The Brass Bell at Hout Bay. The beer garden is to all intents and purposes a jetty into the ocean and the sea food is amazing and very good value. You park your car the other side of the railway line, and walk through an underpass to get there, but don't be put off.

The Garden Route didn't really impress me that much, but the Zip slides through the trees and the boat trips in land at the Tstisikama (sp?) national park are well worth it.

Great place, but be sensible about where you stop/walk.

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