Things to do in Blandford when your dead

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bed_surfer, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. Going to blandford soon as a Lance Jack is there a Cpls mess/Club and is there a required dress ie Collar and tie or no jeans or Polo Shirts minimum? Where are the best places down town now and anyone know the best places in Pool or Bournemouth for watching the World cup matches?

    Is the cookhouse still sub par heard they have a Gurka curry bar now just looking for a heads up Cheers.
  2. Generally Blandford is a bit pap, best boozer in town is Nelson the rest are pretty pants really. Overpriced and underquality. Yes there is a Cpls club, think it's collar and tie for mess meetings and the bar (tha old trainees Naafi) is just normal attire. However nobody drinks in it as it's run by Naafi who can't handle competition so the George bar has undercut them and generally has a much nicer enviroment. As for somewhere good in Bournemouth. Everywhere in bournemouth is a dam site better than most places around. Probably best to go down yourself and do a recce although the bars on the top street do tend to attract the less pretentious totty.

    Oh and if all else fails The Railway in Blandford is 24 hour drinking (just get in before 1)
  3. Mandatory Membership of Tiffany's - where the woman are gorgeous!!!

    They build em sturdy in there!

    The doors to said establishment are wide - to accommodate the heffers (so i am told, never been there myself)
  4. If it sells beer its ok by me, and if the women are cheap and easy, even better!!
  5. Women in a very loose sense of the word!!! :D
  6. That's the badger!
  7. Well at least some of you chaps out there take life as it should be, a bit of fun, so as its friday night i wish you all a good evenings pussy hunting, and if you wake up to a minger well theres always saturday night!!
  8. Good lad!!! Fcuk me there's not a lot that can masquerade as pussy down here, but then again they all need loving 8O
  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Ahhhh Jeeez just had a flash back, tried to pull a stunner and ended up with here mate, agreed to the "sympathy shag" god almighty the only place I've ever been thats fishier is the fish market in Malaga! The one and only time I've changed my mind rolled over farted and gone to sleep before a shag! Is the 3 chuffs still open? all that dead badger pi55 must have steralized the enviroment.

    Go to Bournemouth much more sensible, we used to thrash down on the bikes got it down to under 20 mins as long as we didnt detour into corfe mullen. If you go to Bournemouth on a summer eve if its been sunny take a metal detector and trog up and down the beach for a while. ou can make enough in an hour or two to pay for a weekends drinking,and in the case of my best mate an engagement ring that im sure his missus is now wearing.
  10. Off to Bournemouth today for the football should be a good all dayer!!! Don't think I can find my metal detector though, might get one of the lads to trawl up and down the beach on his hands and knees and see how we do...... :D :D
  11. You should get Ghost_Rider to do that for you, he could smell out a dropped tuppence at 100 meters.
  12. :

    :D D :D
  13. Well if theres one thing you'll be able to smell in Blandford, it's tuppences. TB you on a course mate?
  14. Anyone can wake up with a minger, the true test of character is do you sh*g her again - soberish. To my eternal shame I have and got stalked for my trouble.
  15. 6 Days to push Guru and it can't come soon enough, good day on the lash mind, and poonany all over the place in Bournemouth, just got back in now 1100 till 0300!! I'm quite proud of myself god bless the Railway!! 8O