Things to do down South

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by GunnySonics, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. I posted this in another forum for Things to do down the Falkland Islands, thought it was worth posting in here:-

    Get yourself settled in and sorted then find yourself a little Tubby Wren or a WRAF (shouldnt be hard). Once you have established a rapour with said Porker set yourself a goal to shag as many pounds off her as possible and see how thin you can make her, making sure at all times that when you are not boning the young wench she is not in the Naafi stuffing her chins with nutty or pastys.
    This will pass some of the boredom down South anyway and make you a definate "Dirk Diggler" in the females quarters.

    This is bascially a reversal of the above project, you basically find a slim or normal sized WRAF/WREN (you may need a snipers chit for this) etc and build a relationship.You then start hoarding pastys, donuts, nutty bars etc in your cabin/room.
    After each episode of indoor olympics you do, you break out some nutty and start feeding the bitch up big time. After a week or so you will start to see the results, keep feeding the wench and at the same time convince her she seems to be losing wieght and looking like a young Liz Hurley.
    By the time your tour is up she will be a definate porker.
    This project works better with your oppo's then you can have a Porkers League table, great fun.
    We could have a "Bennys Gallery" on the site especially for this :lol:
  2. Or, go to "Deano's" (if it's still called that) in Stanley, sing a couple of songs at karaoke and end up boning a benny with more facial hair than a walrus on HRT.
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: priceless
  4. Thinking about it, it may well have been a walrus, It certainly stank like one. Ahhh, the evils of drink.
  5. Surely the FI must have sunk by now under the weight of sperm produced nightly from everyone tugging themselves into a stupor due to total boredom :D
  6. Only where the RAF kip. The squaddies are too busy chucking theirs on Wrens, Wrafs, female bennys and penguins.
  7. mate when I was there, their was no women allowed :cry: so probably you'd have been in your element if you had been old enough at the time :D
  8. Et tu Brute!!