Things to do around Strasbourg

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Jumping Jack, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. Hello wise ones.

    In Basel 24th July and going up to Strasbourg by train (enjoying having no car for once) to see an engineering/manufacturing company about an hour west, been often. Staying around Stras for 4 full days. Have driven through a few times over the years, not stopped long in Stras before. Usually stay in Obernai.

    Suggestions anyone?
    Will not be murdering corrupt politicians as i have plans afterwards. Will potter about the city, Petite-France, cathedral etc. Take train west again and do a hike, have done St Die des Voges etc.
    Seen pubs like Melting Pot, Irish Pub etc...not sure about them?

    What's a gent in his late 30's to do in the city then eh?
    Any good recommendations for great watering-holes? Where do the really pretty lasses go? Where do the interesting ones go? :eek:)

    Sights really worth seeing etc.?

    Can any local Arrseurs let me shoot their MG42/SLR/deathray? Will pay back in decent beer/wine..etc. or cash!

    ps was thinking of going down to Geneva etc again by train but without any plans down there I've ruled it out. Plus travelling onwards after this.
  2. You could visit the old concentration camp "KZ-Gedenkstätte ... Natzweiler-Struthof ."

    If you find my mother in law's shiny steel rimmed spectacles lying about in the old staff accomodation area, she'd really like them back.
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  3. Seen enough of those places I think, get the idea. They should do a sandwich deal in their visitor resto: 'arbeit mitt fries.'
    Will look out for the specs. You'd think a Party Member and Officer would be more careful.
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  4. Contact "Alsacien" by PM he has lived and worked in the 88 for a considerable time. If anyone can help, he is your man.
    Enjoy your visit.
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