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Discussion in 'REME' started by ironeye, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi there. I hope to join the reme as a metalsmith, however when reading the list of things i need to bring i notice i need to take in my GCSE certificates. Problem is i odnt have any of them as the school sent them to an old address. I left high school 4 years ago so im screwed. Will this hinder my chances of getting in? Also my passport is out of date but that can be sorted.
    Oh and i got that group meeting thingy tommorow to get my aplication form etc.

    Many thanks

  2. Andy,

    I had the same problem with my GCSE's, I didn't have the certificates or result slip and they wouldn't accept my application without them, so I had to get in touch with the examining board and order a new one, cost me about £30 the scum bags, so I would apply now as it took about 4 weeks to receive them.

    Well done for choosing REME, I'll be doing phase 1 in may, hopefully all the hassle is worth it in the end :p *fingers crossed*
  3. ok thanks for that. Good luck with your career :)
  4. The other thing you can do, is write to your old school asking for a letter with examination results, I had to do that as the exam board was defunct

    Good Luck never regretted joining REME, ( makes me feel so old saying that! )

    Get yourself fit, learn to iron your clothes properly, find an old squadies and find out how to bull boots. Make basic easier.

    After that it's all about you and applying yourself. The courses are n't easy they are designed to weed people out.

  5. Hang slack with the passport, once you are in the Army will pay for it for you.
  6. If you are going to be a metalsmith WELDER
    if you havnt been schooled by arthur scargill you have no chance
  7. If your set on being a Metalsmith go for it, however with Reme re-balancing imho they are being seen over. If you want to spend your days in a Reme Bn then thats fine but in our LAD the 2 Metalsmiths are being actively encouraged to re-trade, as the Metalsmith CEG is going nowhere.

    If welding and fabrication is your bag then you'll enjoy it. Good luck.
  8. Don't forget to bring an anvil with you. Many will say you don't need one, but believe me, you do. The bigger the better.
  9. Ok thanks for your time. Metalsmith is my trade as its all i have done for the last 3 years, however my second choice is infantry. i really want a combat role. so im unsure of which i 100% want. I'm about 60-40% 60 being infantry. I have been watching ross in AFG, and watching the lads (infantry) makes me really want to do it. my decision is not just based on watching the series.
    currently im training upper body, yet to start running. finding it really hard to get motivated. Once i have done the barb test and sent off my application form im sure i will get a move on.

    Oh yea and if i went on to be a metalsmith would i have to suck eggs while they teach me what i already know? I have a NVQ Level 2 in fabricating/welding

    Cheers for the help

  10. Stick with REME you will get a chance to use your trade and you will get trade pay for it too. Also have a trae for when you come out. Not much call for house clearance etc in civvy life
  11. Thats true, yeah i will stick it out then.

    Other dilemma is money, I was made redundant 3weeks ago and I was hoping to stay out of work untill I get into army so I can work on fitness etc. but because of Direct debits and parents rent im going to need a job untill I get it. now I dont wanna mess the employer about whilst I need days of to do the barb test etc so what would you suggest?
  12. Depending on how serious you are about joining and staying in, you could get a loan or ask your parents, tell them you will obviously pay them back. Or register with local employment agencies as anything you can do. Depending on how long before you go in you could also ask the bank for credit for a few months that way you will be earning and can start to pay it off. I am sure there wil be many more helpful comments to follow. Good luck and stick with it
  13. from what I learn it can take 3-4 months to get in. I may not be allowed to get a loan as I have no job.

    Thanks a million for your time and advice

  14. stay away from bank loans matey! asking for trouble! also it can go against you when applying for the army!

    as for jobs, get a retail job for the time being, loads of shop jobs about, not the best thing in the world, but hopefully it will give you enough money to pay your direct debits, rent etc... Until you join. I'm not sure how much your paying out each month, but is part-time work an option?
  15. Tescos usually take on ppl as warehouse staff, money is bad but bad money is better than no money