Things that you should of thought twice about.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by floppyjocky, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. I should of thought twice before:

    Loading my new 80GB Video ipod with varying degrees of perverse (but legal in most countries) porn, including some home made stuff, then leaving it on the coffee table when my mother-in-law came round to babysit.

    Oh how we laughed when we got home!
  2. I suppose this opens the gates for your mum-in-law to bring round some of her home movies.
  3. Saying "I do!!!!!!"
  4. Putting off going for a poo prior to a very long canoeing trip along the coast.
  5. Going for seconds after a "One night stand". Ended up a 8 month stand!
  6. Getting married my god I hate to think about the amout of money i have paid out for that experiance.
  7. Drinking pints with Ollie Reed and Bestie (RIP).
  8. Using this thread for post 300.

    Oops too late
  9. Asking a mate of mine to babysit for me while I was s.hagging her husband. It didn't half cause a drama when she found out.
  10. Ooooops! Your mother-in-law is obviously more technologically able than my mother - she'd never figure out how to work the thing!
  11. nice
  12. A round of shameful applause over there.

    Shameful, but applause none-the-less. :D
  13. Well it killed two birds with one stone, 1, the kids were well looked after, and 2, we knew she was busy and therefore less likely go home and catch us. Lol.
  14. So how did she find out?
  15. I second the motion. You must be so proud :roll: