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Things that take too long

On hearing the good news about Jade Goody getting crotch rot, (remember cervical cancer is mostly caused by dirty, fat fcukers shagging brave souls with genital warts) I wanted to party, but realised it'll take too fcuking long for her to die.

With the exception of that Hermoine Granger bird turning 16, what else has or will take too long?

P.S I was trying to make a photo of Jade Goody with her fat mouth filled with a large c0ck, her eyes stiched together, a gravestone and a comment about no longer being able to be a fat, racist cnut... but microsoft paint is fcuking useless and I gave up
FatBoyGeorge said:
Hermoine Granger is 18, and I bet she's got crotch rot too.
It was the gaggle of drooling squaddies waiting for her to turn 16 that I was referencing. Much documented on arrse. And if she doesn't have crotch rot now give me 2 minutes with her :twisted: please?


Book Reviewer
Delivery of my new car. Ordered at Easter, and it might be built in October. It's a flippin' Ford Galaxy FFS, not a hand built Rolls Royce!
Shooting your load when p1ssed.

Whats that all about then? Totally unfair as it makes you stay longer on the job with birds that you would never touch sober.


Well whilst not wishing cancer on anybody (even that Fcucking useless fat bitch Jade Goody) I am releived to hear that she can not have kids and infest the world with her dumb fcuk offsprings who don't even know their arse from their elbow.( although accepted there have been a few to slip through the net) maybe this is just natural selection and getting rid of the dead wood...........
Mr_Deputy said:
Biped said:
BrunoNoMedals said:
Dilfor said:
YesItsMe said:
my daughter in the bathroom in the morning :roll:
Your daughter in the back of my transit in the afternoon. :roll:
Disposing of your daughter in the evening.
Filling the hole back up with a folding entrenching tool.
Digging her up by moonlight and doing it all again

well if it all takes too long ... you have to be faster

well if only you could ... i know :D

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