Things that still annoy me.

It's been many many years,but there are still a couple of experiences that I had while serving, that still annoy the p1ss out of me.

1. On exercise in BAOR, refuelling a 4 tonner from jerry cans, when a Lynx landed in close proximity. The downwash sprayed diesel all over me and especially into both eyes (which stung a bit). I was then driven to the nearest Med Centre where I was told to strip off my diesel soaked kit and then had my eyes repeatedly rinsed out and told to get my head down in the nearest bed. At about 0300, the SSM came barrelling into the room and rifted me to bits for skiving off the exercise. I tried pointing out that I had been told to strip off my gopping kit and kip by the duty medic but that cut no ice whatsoever.

2. Pre BATUS training in Soltau, recieved an urgent message to go and locate a Sgt, who happened to be in the Sgt's mess. I ran down to the mess, and after hanging around outside for 5 mins or so decided, due to the urgent nature of the message, to walk in to see if I could find someone to help me locate the aforementioned Sgt. Cue the appearance of a big shouting WO2 pilot, who pinned me to the nearest wall and tore shreds off me for having the temerity to enter his hallowed mess without an invitation! Again, tried to explain my reasons for being there,but to no avail!

On reviewing this post, it comes across as a bit whiny, but what the hey!Annoyed me then and still rankles me now.
Anybody else got similar tales or should I man the F up and get over it?
Issi said:
On reviewing this post, it comes across as a bit whiny, but what the hey!Annoyed me then and still rankles me now.
Anybody else got similar tales or should I man the F up and get over it?
Whiny cnut. :)

(BTW hope you get better soon)

What still annoys me (apart from whiny cnuts that is), is the time I caught the javelin at 71's sports day in Detmold. All the whippets, greyhounds, gazelles and natural athletes would fight it out on the sports field while most of the onlookers or anybody with sense got pished.

My task along with a gobby tiffy was to look after the javelin. Not actually look after it as people kept throwing it (or at least trying to) but to measure the distance should anybody be successful. I was stood just out of the throwing area and was talking to a mate when I just happened to look up and see the javelin heading straight at me. Using my now patented action called "Go away nasty javelin", I managed to stop it turning me into the REME equivalent of schaschlik but the thing still stuck in my upper arm. The gobby tiffy saw this and told me to stop messing about. :? I told him to fcuk off and headed down the med centre bleeding profusely.

At the med centre I was patched up though I did have to laugh as they had to give me an injection. "It's a big needle" said the medic and I then went on to tell him that his needle was fcuk all compared to the size of the thing I'd just been impaled with. I don't think he actually believed me but who cares.

So I headed down the sports field nicely banadaged up and was of course not able to play any further part in the proceedings. I found the beer tent and started on some liquid painkillers. The gobby tiffy still wasn't happy and was rather miffed that I'd told him to fcuk off but he could now see perhaps why. I know it still annoys me but the gobby tiffy was (and probably still is) a bit of a cnut and I got a special mention (and a prize) for being the only one to catch the javelin that day.
Thanks for this MS, my pathetic whines pale into insignificance compared with your epic tale. I have now consigned my annoyance to the darkest depths of my tiny whiny mind,and shall man up forthwith. Cheers for taking the time out of your hectic lifestyle to respond.
PS-still aching but I'm not whining at all!
Oooh, this should be cathartic!

1. On Op Telic 1. Headed into the designated DVD tent to watch a film (this was before the beginning of the actual op) to find that padre hour was nearing its end. A certain corps RSM at the time was part of the god bothering crew in attendance, and us walking in while the padre was talking to them seemed to really pi55 him off. Needless to say, as soon as the padre had shot off, he bollocked us and made us clear away all the drinks cans/crisp packets etc. C0CK.

2. At junior school. Team picking time for football (always a good indicator of what your social standing is) My mate goes to pick me, but gets fukcing rudely interrupted by Mr Kilbourn the headmaster with the words "No, OLDBIGHEAD looks good, but he isn't" Still haunts me now. TW4T (to be fair, he was right, im sh1te at football)

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