Things that irritate me


War Hero
Matching/unoriginal twats.

Full sleeves
Baseball caps
Orange wife
Son -Oakley
Daughter-Lexi Mae
Holiday in Dubai
4 bed reinforced cardboard house on new estate.
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People asking for honest feedback who then get upset when they receive honest feedback. If you've done something shit then don't be surprised when the feedback is 'this is shit'.
Get similar working at Tesco, I'm stacking a shelf and someone comes up next to me and then demands that I move as I'm breaking the 2m rule ( amazing seeing I wasn't the one who moved ). I'm quite happy to move to keep the distance but I object to morons making out I'm at fault.

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Stroppy cow (as we arrest her other half for assorted scrotery): Why aren’t you social distancing? (As we stand together on the threshold)
Me: See that tiny little Peugeot cop car?
Her: Yes
Me: Well we’ve spent most of the last 8 hours sitting next to each other in it so short of exchanging body fluids, we’ve already infected each other and standing two metres apart is not going to make any difference (especially if laddo kicks off and we have to go hands on)
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when I tell someone that i've had a new knee or that I'm bi-polar they suddenly become senoir consultants !!
The utter abuse of the word ‘Heroes’.


War Hero
Opinionated actors, actresses, comedians, Comediennes, sportsmen, sportswomen, so called influencers, LGBTQ+ Hokey Cokey cunts, Z list celebs.................oh fuck it the list is too long and I can’t be arsed to type it but you get the my drift
Scientific "experts"
Legal "experts"
Birds in the morning
Barking dogs
People dont stay 2 metres away
Pikeys (worth a second mention)