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Hastings has suffered with the usual crap and the A21 is absolutely piss poor from Blue Boys all the way into Hastings itself, the new dual carriage way at Pembury has just shunted the issue 7 mile down the road. My Brother lived down there and my BinL lives in Orr, it is trying to drag itself up mainly because people see it as the cheapest housing in the South East and the Old Town actually looks quite good these days, still riddled with junkies and alchies and don't leave anything on show in the car as it will be gone by the time you get back.
Offset number plates on alpha romeo's
Really don't care much for front number plates...luckily both my cars (sold now) and my motorcycle were registered in Michigan, which doesn't require front plates, so gave them a clean look. The front bumpers don't even have space/ cut out for putting one, unlike the ones sold in some of the other states.


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Getting stuck behind a caravan is not unusual especially as most of the cnuts that tug them around are retired coffin dodgers. What really irritates me as I stare at the back of the ******* things is the names on them. Swift, Tempest, Buccaneer, Hurricane ,Typhoon Whirlwind. Would it not be more appropriate to give them more suitable names in keeping with the old cnuts that tug them along as though they are going to their own funeral like, Wanderer, Bimble, Amble, Meander or even Sloth, Snail or Slug.
Hello Wheel! Give me a signal if you are ever behind me, so I can 'Bang my brakes on' and really irritate you in your flash Aston Martin!
Just seen a bloke in, I guess, his late fifties walk past the house. Totally bald head with a long green beard. What the **** is all that about?
In this “look at me” era we’re living in, he sounds positively reserved.
Remember the days when we used to look up to our Police as positive role models?



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