Things that irritate me

I have to travel by air rather a lot and have certain ways of gaining a nice seat. The check-in staff ask me, 'Where would you like to sit, Isle or window?" I lean forward look the girl in the eye and quietly reply, "quite alone please" My request is very often met!
The stupid cunts who walk up to you while you’re standing outside a station or somewhere having a fag & say “Have you got a spare cigarette?”
Well, unless by some million to one chance, you’ve approached me as I’ve just that minute decided to pack up smoking & happen to have one left in my packet, then the obvious answer is NO. I do NOT have a ‘spare’ cigarette.
I point them to the nearest shop & tell them to buy some. You know, like I did?
Not meaning to sound Know it all, but if the toast on a conveyor toaster is underdone the it is moving too fast to toast it properly
my biggest gripe about this is they always remove the knob so you cant adjust the speed to suit your own preference how your toast is "toasted"
Speaking of toasters. The dipshits who ignore the sign stating don't put croissants in the toaster, and then act surprised when the smoke signals start.

Fucking Muppets!
The ghastly Yank Captain of the Darwin Cambridge team on university challenge.

Too much hairy chest on show above his saggy unironed tshirt, and constant fist-pumping when he gets a question right.
Paxman didn’t have to dribble over the winners, though.
Still watching, willing Emma to win. (My middle sister's alma mater)
ETA Bugger.
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