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Don't talk to me about language! The local Primary and Middle School buses drop off outside my bedroom windows. The language is choice.

Today there were two sweet-looking little girls using language that soldiers would apologise for!


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I ******* doubt it...:)
I once attended a meeting where a certain Lt. Col F'd and Blinded from start to finish. There were two ladies present, my boss and me. After the meeting he apologised profusely to us. We accepted his apologies graciously.

He then appeared to take this as Carte Blanche to continue to F and Blind to us and when we were around. :) :)

Great bloke, but potty mouthed.
Shop assistants who get grumpy when customers have the cheek to ask questions. (Are you listening Cook store in Dorchester?)

The woman was so busy counting boxes of new stock that she told her colleague off for interrupting to ask my question (colleague was new and didn't know, but thought she was doing the right thing by finding out).

After answering the question she became more grumpy when I asked to place an order. 'Can you go online?' She asked.

I answered 'I can, but I prefer to talk to someone in store so I can ask questions.'

Her reply 'Well I am busy with bringing this big delivery in, can you go online?'

I left the shop, shaking my head in wonder at the retail industry.
The missus had similar treatment in a bank.
She went into her local branch of a bank that shall remain nameless to transfer a 4 figure sum.
The cnut lady behind the counter told her in no uncertain terms:
"You can do that online you know."

"I'm aware of that, but last time I moved such a sum it got suspended until they could clarify it was genuine over the phone."

"It's much easier to do this online you know."

"Noted, but I'm here now so would it be possible to transfer the funds please."

"<sigh> I can do it for you but it's much easier for you to do it online."

Fortunately she was better brought up than I & refraimed from saying
"Do you not like your effing job? Keep up this performance & you'll be hawking your C.V. around temping agencies again."


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The grumpy one was probably Meghan the store manager who will be the one moaning the most/loudest when the store is forced to close because everyone is shopping online .
The lady concerned was ginger, so perhaps grumpiness is understandable...

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