Things that irritate me

White BMW 4X4, 22HH.
Riding back from having a new rear tyre fitted I was on the Oxford ringroad doing 70 in the inside lane with a car outside of me doing not much more.
Next thing the scum in the above car overtakes between us close enough to dry my jeans if it had been raining.
1.5 miles later at the roundabout he is one car length ahead of me. My life was worth that little to him.
Did I get off my bike and remonstrate, get stuffed, to do what he did he was probably drugged up and also tooled up.
At 66 I am just annoyed there was no police around to do him.
Signed tv programmes, there is nothing more fucking annoying than turning on the tv to watch a programme and there’s some annoying little cunt in the corner waving their arms about and gurning away like Harvey fucking price, stick the fucking programmes onto their own channel
People who only listen when they are talking.

Cats, the smug, indifferent, anarchic little b’stards.
Those fat fcukers that wear football shirts when abroad, their guts make the shirts look 5 sizes too small even when they're xxxxl, they blob about randomly chanting engerland engerland engerland even when there are no tournaments or matches being played, cnuts the lot of them
Also football fans that act as if they play for the team "we won", "we lost" or "we could have played better" no you didn't win a bunch of foreigners mostly Africans and Somalians in a far off city ran about a lot and one of them fortuitously kicked an inflated bladder into a net, then the fans all jump about in their xxxl shirts advertising some weird foreign business and punch each other in the face.
It's a beautiful game, jumpers for goalposts


People who advocate harming innocent animals - particularly people's pets.

People who dislike Cats.

Having to pay for things.

This cough I have that just will not go away - cold/flu/whatever.

Aching balls.
One of my current pet peeves is people/UK media using the term 'yellow vests' to describe 'gilets jaunes'.
A 'gilet' is a sleeveless short jacket or jerkin. It is NOT a vest, which is a 'maillot'.
Unless, of course, you are a septic in whose language a 'waistcoat' is a 'vest'!

O Zangado

War Hero
Meh, I'm taking to social media to express my outrage at some Arrse saying "taking to" social media.

See your 'at the end of the day' and raise you a 'going forward'.
See your ‘going forward’ and raise you ‘let’s touch base’ anyone who uses that is a first class, ocean going cunt

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