Things that grip ones sh!t......

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by FaceLikeAPingPongBall, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Complete the sentence:

    The thing that grips my sh!t the most on coming back from [insert location of choice here] is .....................

    As for my answer, there are a number of things that have recently gripped my sh!t: Cowboy tw@ts from Idaho who can fly but can't recognise high vis orange panels and their 'my mom is my sister' inbred neighbours who think they're heroes, Arabs, Muslims, sand, Arabs, Muslims and sand in the same location and taxi drivers in Dubai who need a kin good pistol whipping, you over-charging, longest route possible from A to B bunch of jack b@stards!

    Now the above might be some PTSD thing due excessive exposure to the lovely smell of just fired rounds and the clink of empties on hard ground, but having been back in this green and pleasant land for a couple of days I find the thing that grips my sh!t the most is Windows fcuking Vista and the way it protects itself from ARRSE by not showing me the security code to allow me to log in!!!

    Bill Gates, you're a cnut!


    The bloke who got the 3 RTR thread pulled should be renamed 3-lips as he’s a cnut and a half and in need of a dry slap - he doesn’t grip my sh!t though as he’s the sort of cnut who’d fcuk you whilst gripping your sh!t and not even offer you a turn around!!!
  2. The thing that gripped my sh1t on returning from my parents house was my father.

    He did literally grip it from the inside of my colon whilst masturbating in my juvenile face.