Things that dont sit well but you have never reconsiled in your head.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cormank, Sep 17, 2010.

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  1. Ok so this might be something which is a bit ambiguous but you know when you see or hear something and for some reason its doesn't make sense at the time but you quickly forget about it only to be reminded months later and the same forgotten confusion floods back and again quickly is forgotten? No just me then :( ah well.. but there is this one thing that has pissed me off now for a good ten years.

    We all remember that testament to fine cinema "Total Recall". Well there is a running theme with one of the character; the taxi driver named Benny. He claims he "five kids to feed" .. fine.

    *spoiler alert* - is 20 years too soon?

    Later Quaid finds out that Benny is actually a bad guy, when he slips up and say "i've got four kids to feed".

    What happens need just blows my mind and you will now notice it too every time and I hope it pisses you off as it does me.

    The lines (from memory) go something like this:

    Quaid: "What happend to number five?"
    Benny: "Hell, I aint even married"


    Firstly, I know it was a big deal way back when to be married to have kids but the fella drive a cab on mars in a place called 'Penis-ville' and was seen only only a few minutes previously to be feeling up a three-titted hooker. I'm pretty certain the audience were not expecting him to be a fine up-standing member of the community with a holier-than-thou moral code.

    This line may be the worst one-liner every found in an Arnie movie with maybe the exception of that piece of shit 'the expendable' with "what's his problem?" followed by "he wants to be president".

    I'm going to take my pills now and have a nap
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  11. So when did you actually start injecting the smack rather than just sticking it under your eyelids?
  12. Make sure you wash them down with weedkiller. You fucking skiplicker.
  13. Do you like sex and backpacking?
  14. My bold.

    I think you should watch this film a few more times, just so that your life hasn't been completely wasted......