Things that annoy me as i approach 60

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. As I am getting ever closer (2 months to go) to my 60th Birthday, I started to reflect on some of the things that really annoy me about some people in general and am comparing life today to what it was like when I was a teenager and first joined the Army back in the late sixties.

    As a starter lets try the following and penalties I would really like to impose - or maybe I'm just getting a little radical in my old age ! Please feel free to add further annoyances.

    1. Going into a Newsagents or WH Smith and can't get to the magazines I want to buy because some twats insist on reading the magazines on the shelf and block everyone's access with no intention to buy. The same happens at the newspaper stands in ASDA and Tescos -

    Solution: Impose a fine of £100 for a first offence (unless they are ethnically challenged-then execute them), further offences life imprisonment without parole - then they can read whatever they want at their leisure.
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  2. I agree, at the ripe age of 52 I appear not to have the same abilities to suffer mongs and wasters as in my youth. It must be age related as it is noticeable amongst my fellow ex medics as well!
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  3. What really annoys me is old farts moaning about the good old days and how everything was better when they were younger and you could get a pint of wallop,a fish supper and a tram ride for tuppence.
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  4. I would have the thought being 60 would be the most annoying thing.

    For me 40 was a breeze, but 50 terrifies me
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  5. Do magazines still exist?
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Bloody civvies, generally.

    The Walkin'tooslowlyblockin'pavementsandthrowin'litteroutofcars bar stewards.
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  7. Well, I have to admit that whilst the mobile phone may be a great invention, and one that most of us couldn't do without - I do feel it was a mistake in allowing Africans and Young Chavs access to them. The former just get on my tits because they want everyone to hear their conversation for hours at a time, and the latter are just inconsiderate and don't watch where they're going when texting etc.

    Solution: Execute the former and amputate the arms at the shoulder and cut out the tongues of the latter - but only for first offences naturally.
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  8. 54 this year. What really gets to me? Spitting in public. Seems to be on the increase as well. Revolting, disgusting, not the done thing. Got a local car wash place and they all seem to do it. Sit smoking a roll up, get up, spit and then go to clean a car. I will never use it on principle. If you have a need to spit get a sputum pot and an appointment with the chest clinic. Filthy oiks.
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  9. 40 wasn't a problem. Fast approaching 50 and don't care. 60 is very attractive because the mortgage will be long gone by then.

    It's what time I'll have left beyond 60 to enjoy retirement before I end up getting my arse wiped by a stranger while slurping soup that bothers me.
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  10. Yep.... moi aussi, at 67 approaching 68..... I think we should bring back the Birch, flogging and the Beasting of Chav and Chavesses offen the estate for anti-social behaviour...... take them to the nearest Army Barracks and chase them all day long around a fenced in Parade Ground.......

    Perhaps flogging a few Dole Scrounging Life Style Choicers in Public will 'Encourager les Autres' get out of bed and find jobs..... But I know this won't happen, the Yumin Rites crowd will be screaming and dribbling about "How Unfair Life Is!"...... and I will probably be given more Meds, and Bromide in my morning coffee by Nurse Nurse Olga to keep my blood pressure down....
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  11. If this is all I have to worry about at 60 I'll be a happy man.

    I'd have thought 4 pisses a night, no lazy lob on's, an urge to wear slacks and having the eyesight of a goldfish would have kept you busy.

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  12. You're an old codger (I'm only a few years younger than you), but you still have not mastered "step on toes", "knee to back of leg" or "accidental face into bookshelf" yet? Shame on you.

    "Whoops, sorry mate - didn't see you there" as you peer apologetically myopically through your bifocals. THAT's the way forward.
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  13. Yes they hold 20 rounds and fit the SL.....
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  14. Listen matey. When I were a lad, I could get 10 ciggies and go to the pictures for a Half Crown (12 1/2p) and this was only in the 1950's. Seems like only yesterday. Why I can remember.............................. :)
  15. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    What I hate is old people doing things slowly.

    It was pissing down the other day and I wanted £20 to go for a pint. Just my luck an old man was at the cashpoint getting his cash out... slowly. I mean, it's automated. It's a machine, FFS. How do you do it slowly?

    The mind boggles.
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