Things Spotted in DPM

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by BashaBasher, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Ever notice things in a DPM Pattern?, I was stirring at the US Woodland camo for a few minuates and i started to imagine things.

    I was stirring at this and turned out to be.

    A black guy in a quiff, A Freefall skydiver.
  2. jimmy_jazz

    jimmy_jazz Old-Salt

    No mate,keep taking the pills, its a map of the UK and a bit of Europe, with Ireland as the eyes, the nose is SW and the mouth, Normandy?
  3. Keep taking the pills?

    I think perhaps he should stop taking them instead.

    It's obviously a dinosaur standing on a guy's right arm and trying to hump a giant ant.
  4. There is a centaur below the Q of quiff.
  5. obesa_cantavit

    obesa_cantavit Old-Salt

    ...your missing the very obvious dog chasing a flying bird to the left of the the free faller...
  6. Phillip-Kotler

    Phillip-Kotler Old-Salt

    . . . is that the dog that's just about to be humped by a poodle with three tails and a set of antlers?
  7. obesa_cantavit

    obesa_cantavit Old-Salt

    That'll be the one, although its not three tails because a shark is bitting on to the end of one of them...I need to get out more a weekends!
  8. Steven

    Steven LE

    What I want to know is what exactly BashaBasher
    had been drinking before he started "stirring" his DPM.

    Oh and that shark is actually a Dolphin.
  9. bobath

    bobath LE

    Stuck behind some bloke on a CFT once I swear he had a picture of Che Guvara in the DPM on the back of his bergan. I told him and he didn't have a clue who that was.
  10. Valks

    Valks Old-Salt

    The oddest thing I've ever seen in DPM are this lot ...


    Ok, ok, I know the drill ...

    coat ...

    door ...

  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP RIP

  12. Ha ha ha ha , :lol: :lol: Looks like my T.A unit!

    ( I admit Im 2nd from the right, had to cover my face cause Im "Special" (say it with your tongue into your bottom lip) forces :wink: .)
  13. Alexhill

    Alexhill Clanker

    Is it me or is the guy 1st from left a bit like Harry potter? :roll:
  14. Bagster

    Bagster Old-Salt

    Special forces indeed!