Things, people and places that Tropper invented

The more I read on ARRSE the more I come to the conclusion that I must be no more than a figment of Troppers vast and fertile imagination.

What else did Tropper invent?
Quis Tropperdiet ipsos Tropperdies? (Who Troppered Tropper? Hipponius of Eboracum, 79 AD.)
I think he was "begotten not created" what ever the fuck that means.
Its about time someone started another thread on Tropper, its been ages since we heard of him....well at leat since last week. Next we could find a WALT to hunt down I suppose the Outrage Bus needs to clock up some mileage on the work ticket or the Politicians will get rid of it with the rest of the white fleet.
Was not he the inventor of sliced bread?
Who'd have thought that George Harrison would record an album in honour of his great mate and mentor?

Gone Troppo is an album by George Harrison recorded and released in 1982. It would prove to be Harrison's last studio album for five years, wherein he would largely take an extended leave of absence from his recording career, with only the occasional soundtrack recording surfacing.

Was Tropper the bloke who put the cunt in scunthorpe?

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