Things NOT to say

A recent comment from lifesabummer,

lifesabummer said:
P.S. for all you that are going to come back with smarmy comments, please fuck off, i'm not in the mood!
Prompted me to react like a red rag to a bull and post a smarmy comment.

What should you NOT post if you want a peaceful life on ARRSE?
1. Wut iz basik trayning lyke? 2. Hi I'm a single girl looking for a soldier. 3. I think you chaps are a bit rude and should calm it down a bit. 4. Hi lads it's Mike Golden / Chubb / SFUB, I'm back!!!!Edited to add: Feckin DII terminal squishes everything together.
'Your' when you mean 'You're'.

'You're' when you mean 'Your'.

'of' when you mean 'have'.

Oh, and any any sentence that contains the word 'Shed'.

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