Things must be bad! The Government is outsourcing itself!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ferox_provincia, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. More to the point, what the hell do they do?
    Promote chav culture :?
  2. How can making British workers unemployed (Thus costing us money in benefits, loss of tax revenue and of course loss o disposal income tha would be spent in our own country) make any kind of economic sense.

    Nice to see the government true to form on its "British jobs for British worker" lie.... And they can't even blame the EU on this one.

    Or maybe they will try to blame the Lazy" British worker, about 50 of whom are chasing each job vacancy.

    And they wonder why labour voters are flocking to the BNP?
  4. Common idiotic non-holistic thinking....

    We'll save x% of wages by employing a contract/outsourcing from OUR own little budget.

    But we'll forget about the XXX% we will add to the nations budget in welfare/pension/early payout payments.

    We have to pay for the British people in one way or another. Either in wges or as dole... makes little sense to have a function that SHOULD be British carried out by a forigen national, when we will have to pay the British national dole if they are working.

    Worse by paying foriegn nationals, they take the money OUT of UK and don't put it back in thorugh taxes, VAT or buy from British shops et.c
  5. Is there any chance that they could outsource:

    Hain; Harman; Hodge; Hewitt; Hoon; both Kinnocks; Ainsworth; Mr. Mandelson; Bradshaw (ditto); 'Gorbals' Mick; Mr. Foulkes; Bliar; Cherry Bliar, and most urgently of all, - 'Clown' Brown ?
  6. Don't worry, somebody's got it covered...

  7. Well I'm just glad we pump all that aid money into India too. Wouldn't want the nuclear/space power to starve would we?

    What does this Government have against the British people?
  8. Some 'Brits' have jobs.
    Some 'Brits' are white Anglo Saxon Christians.
    Some 'Brits' are loyal to their Sovereign.
    Some 'Brits' own property.
    Some 'Brits' enjoy an above average standard of living.
    Some 'Brits' like 'political freedom'.
    Some 'Brits' went to public schools.
    Some 'Brits' are honest and truthful.
    Some 'Brits' are heterosexual.
    Some 'Brits' pay for private health insurance.
    Some 'Brits' speak properly and use grammar.
    Some 'Brits' have no criminal records.
    Some 'Brits' do not enjoy being ruled by Brussels.
    Some 'Brits' see through the spin and obfuscation of the government.
    Some 'Brits' are not illegal immigrants
    Some 'Brits' vote Conservative.

    Just a few seconds' worth of reasons there.
  9. \i'd create road crews. Canel crews, graffitti crews....

    Then call centres to control then.

    All manned by anyone who turns up.... 40 hours per week nets you minimum wage. No houseing benefits or dole or (in 99% of cases) disabilities.

    Road crews to work 24/7 on road works (until the job is done). clean the roads, pick up litter etc. canal crews dig out hte canals to make them workable, grafiti crews clean u the cities of crap pictures and litter.

    If you see some litter you phone a help line... which goes to a blind/disabled etc person - possibly in their own house. ANd they direct the crews to the area.

    This in turn requires supervisors to monitor the work - more jobs.

    A special selection of unemployed could become "green" workers... those who work in the parks and conservations areas.

    Otehrs could become "bin men" using horse drawn carriages on a DAILY basis. They would look after and shoe horses and then in a gorup of 4 or so, collect all the waste from the areas... seperated into paper, gelbe, bio etc.

    This could be delievered to the local prison, who would sort it for recycling.

    No work would mean no pay.
  10. Clipping the old bayonet on, what? :lol: I agree though, when I was unemployed umpteen years ago I would have preferred to have swept the streets or something in return for my dole money, and do not understand why we do not have some such scheme in place. In addition to maintaining self respect and keeping busy, a good work record would look better on a CV rather than a gap in one's employment record.
  11. Can we outsource our government and Parliament as well?

    Somewhere more efficient and democratic?

    Plenty of places would tick that about Zimbabwe??
  12. They already do that it's called the EU.
  13. So are you implying that only 1% of those receiving some sort of disability benefit are genuine cases? I sincerely fcuking hope not!

    This isn't the first time you've spouted this shite and while your master plan might have some merit, I really suggest you go away and read a little about those on disability benefits, perhaps even talk to a few and you'll suddenly find out that not all are the malingerers you seem to think we are.

    You seem to know a little about a lot and of course a little knowledge can be dangerous and especially if in the wrong hands.
  14. Oh, FFS, here we go again.... (as explained MANY times previous)

    No, I am NOT suggesting that 99% of disabilities claimants are swinging the lead. What I AM suggesting is that in a system which rewards work with money (which essentially what the above is) that many "disabled" would be able to work in some function.

    ie an inclusive system that incudes ALL.

    It seems quite odd that people draw the conclusion the above idea is to "punish".

    One of the key benefits, in my mind, is that it doesn't encourage stagnation and a sense of entitlement.

    It also promotes health, as people would be out and about, and not drinking, drug taking etc.

    As an aside it also would prevent fraud... hard to hold down two jobs if one requires 40 hours a week!!!

    Of course you could assume I am out to fcuk the afflicted and unemployed with my zero (perceived) contact with them.....

    Maybe you'd like to accuse me of victimising wounded soldiers next?

    The 1% I allude to being not covered aren't the ones I beleive are "truelly" disabled, but the ones who are truely unable to function....

    Like a little lad I knew called A***, who despite being unable to much at all still was able to carry the baton for the Commonwealth games....

    But, hey, apparently all people I have et, worked with and even family members are swing the lead....

    I'll tell them all next time I pick my mrs up from a disabled swim session or my mum from her job as a Special needs TA :roll: