Things id like to take to basic. Should I?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MCFCMIKE, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. Obviously not takin everything incl. the kitchen sink, but I was bought a portable DVD player for Xmas, specifically to take with me when I start basic. Aside from 'LOLZ THAT'LL GET STEALED' comments, would anyone recommend not taking it for any other reason?

    Also, I LOVE playing poker, i'm no high-roller or anything but I was contemplating taking a cheap poker set so I could have a few little games with people i'm in with. Is this advisable or would i look a tw@t?

    Any advice is appreciated :)
  2. I wouldnt bother taking the portable dvd player until at least after your long wekeend. You will likely not be allowed to use it.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Plus for the first few weeks,you wont have much down time.
  4. Our lad took his portable DVD back with him at the start of week 7. He and his mates got quite a bit of use out of it at that point. he tells me that he wouldn't have time to use it (and probably wouldn't have been allowed to) during weeks 1-6.

    At the beginning of Phase One you will be on the go from 05.00 until 22.00 evry day (maybe not all of Sunday) and then you'll have other activities to do after 22.00 (personal admin, ironing etc). Weeks 1-6 are looooooonnnnnnggg weeks.
  5. The weeks that are designed to break the weak?
  6. i would like to take my girlfriend is that ok? its ok tho she is a blow up! and packs away into a locker when am not spending time with her;) can anyone help me?
  7. Does she share?
  8. Dump her & buy a blow up sheep instead,
  9. how did u know am from the highlands??? a never said she wasnt a sheep
  10. ...Bellend