Things i really ought to know!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mac7778, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi all.

    I am in the proccess of transferring to the infantry and with a bit of luck it will be all squared away pretty soon. Im dropping rank to go over but am going onto mark time rates of pay for 24 months.

    Anyway the reason for this post is this........ Is there anyone out there that could suggest a few things it would be worth me swatting up on before i start over there, weapons, tactics or anything of the sort???

    Bear in mind i have been in a trade post up to now!!!!! :p :p
  2. Just make sure your basic skills and drills are up to scratch, any of the advanced stuff you need to know will be taught.
  3. But will there be a difference between my basic skills as a tradesman and what my basic skills should be as an infantryman :? :?
  4. Everyone gets taught the same stuff in phase 1.
    Although if you haven't done much infantry stuff since phase 1 then your skill might not be up to the same standard as guys who've been getting hammered on it for 12 weeks already.
  5. Ive done the normal stuff you get as a tradesman at various REME first and secondline units.

    If my MATTS are squared away and i am comfortable with all the stuff in them is that a reasonable measuring stick?
  6. You may have to change the location on your profile as you will probably get more shit jobs when you've re-trained than you do now. I honestly believe that had I transferred from trade to Infantry I would have considered that I needed to train up on everything . I don't think my drill, weapon handling and tactics skills would be better than an infantryman fresh out of training. I might be more knowledgable about the way the army works but , although I did basic with the North Staffords, the world of the infantry is a complete mystery to me. Remember Infantryman is as much specialist as I was as a VM or you were in whatever trade you're in now.
  7. I understand that............indeed im going over there because it will be a challenge and im expecting to have to work hard to bridge the gap in skills, hence why im asking if there is anything i could be learning now before i get there.
  8. Fitness will be another concern of yours I have no doubt. Depending on your age etc you will have to gen up on what PFT/CFT timings you will have to achieve. And find out what the unit you are joining expects of its people. Infantry Regiments can be fickle when it comes to customs and generally what is expected of its men & women.
    When it comes to Phys, P is for plenty, you don't want to go from trade to Infantry without putting in alot of work on your phys. Just a quick question, why are you transferring?????? :?
  9. My phys is of a pretty decent standard and i think im preparing quite well. As for why....its partly for the challenge, partly because im not enjoying my current job and parlty for family reasons.
  10. Since a lot of what a good infantryman does is about teamwork, much of it requires a team to train with and so there probably isn't a great deal you can do until you move. Whilst waiting try orienteering or similar it will improve your map reading and fitness.

    Like char-wahlah says, and again this goes to the teamwork thing, Infantry battalions are not all the same. They all have thier own ethos, culture, history, etc. It can do you no harm to read up on the Regiment you are joining and talk to members of the regiment to gain an insight into how they think and operate.