Things I never knew and ended up surprised about

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Aunty Stella, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. Tonight, whilst out on the lash with another ex squaddie mate of mine, he mentioned that Gen Sir Peter DLB had once been a Private in an infantry Regt.

    B0llocks says I. Although I have the absolute utmost respect for the mans career, knowing about his "them" service, MC, Malaya, Oman etc, etc, I did not beleive he had been a buck fcuk in the grunts.

    Due to the wonders of modern technology I was able to Google it in the boozer on my phone and find out (to the cost of 2 double JD's for being wrong) that my cnut of a mate was actually right. Private in the KSLI in 1952. Extra Kudos to the man.

    This really did catch me by surprise. Just wondered what other seemingly Tall Tales about our Mil that other members have heard have actually turned out to be proven true?
  2. Interesting. I assume it was whilst in university or during national service?
  3. If I remember correctly from his autobiography he was going to get called up for national service within a matter of months anyway but due to personal circumstances just decided to get on with it an enlisted. Must be one of only a handful to have campaign medals for the Korean and Gulf wars.
  4. I think this sort of thing was fairly common back in the day. There was a type of engagement called an O Type, where bright young men could enlist in the ranks for up to 6 years as potential officers. If by the end they have failed to pass RCB they can either be discharged or can convert to a normal engagment.

    Indeed Tim Spicer of Sandline fame served in the ranks and went through the Guards Depot as a Guardsman before he got anywhere near Sandhurst
  5. Two of my favourite facts are that Ronnie & Reggie Kray were both incarcerated in the Tower of London as soldiers and that Ollie Reed was in the RAMC which is probably where he learned to drink properly. He was turned down for a commission due to dyslexia.
  6. Not quite right, they were based at the Tower with the Fusiliers but were banged up at Shepton Mallet (spl).
  7. They did serve 9 months at Shepton Mallet but also did more than one 7 or 14 day stint in the guardroom at Waterloo Bks in the Tower.

  8. Also, wombats have a pouch that faces backwards, so that they dont fill it with dirt when burrowing, Billy Connolly taught me that.
  9. Thats probably more useful than knowing about the Krays life story but only marginally. :wink:
  10. It means you can creep up on them and warm your hand before they know your there :)
  11. I agree with you RWAC
  12. Presumably helps with the backblast as well.

    I once spent an evening debating which modern European country had had the most battles fought on its soil in the last 1000 years. The majority opinion was Italy, oddly enough. Personally, I went for Germany.
  13. Not France then?
  14. The battles don't necessarily have to have been with other people :)
  15. Wiki has a complete list of battles ever but it looks like a couple of months studying to get the answer.