Things hotting up with Turkey

A considerable number of others however find it rather unpleasant, to put it mildly.

Both historically, and up to the present day their record on human rights has been pretty abysmal. The cultural history of nations tends to dictate present day actions.

A further major concern is the numbers of daesh prisoners being held by the Kurds. Turkey was at one stage an extremely porous border to the hundreds of thousand who flocked to the cause from various countries round the world to demonstrate their complete savagery and complete unsuitability to be allowed to function as any form of independent state. In fact in certain instances in the early stages Turkey was happy to co-operate with daesh despite the atrocities they began their reign of terror with.

These may well be allowed by Turkey to start filtering back to their ‘home’ countries that they so vociferously declared their hatred for. They in many cases are as wedded to their initial cause as before, and will pose the same evil terrorist threat they had done before being defeated disarmed and held as prisoners.

They demonstrated throughout Europe their ability to create violent mayhem in mass terrorist killings, and a large number of them are being held prisoner by the Kurds, who soon may well have other priorities on their hands with the present Turkish advances into Syria.

It is a point that Europe may well soon have reason to be seriously concerned about!
Irony amuses me, I wasn't having a go..... My sympathies are always with the Kurds as I have a fondness for lost causes and the polish habit of surrounding one selves with big and mortal enemies is a knack.

I agree the Turks have being taking the p*** for centuries, but out of a desire, to stop Russia we do deals with bad people and tyrants all the time, that is the very nature of realpolitik... Sadly, I think your probably predicting a likely future. I can still recall the Iranian embassy siege and people forget the arabs in iran, who feeling chippy and supported by Iraq, embarked on a terrorist path.. Most terrorism is about attention and 10-20 years time it seems inevitable.
Looks as though the Trump Erdogan big pals act is wobbling badly.

Meanwhile Lockheed CEO Marillyn Hewson stated that Lockheed will recoup any losses resulting from the ejection of Turkey from the F-35 partner program. “The US government has documented that Lockheed Martin will not absorb any impact for planes we’ve built or are currently building for Turkey,” she said. “We can bill and collect for that.” We have a contract modification that the US government covers all that risk.” Lockheed and Pratt & Whitney, have been “reassigning” the work being done by Turkish companies on the F-135 engine and “establishing alternate sources of supply.”

Turkey will not receive the 100 F-35As, two were completed and remain at Luke AFB. The US has not said what will become of the two jets. New sales more than make up for the loss of Turkish sales. Japan increased its order by 105 aircraft. Belgium will buy 34. Singapore will buy “a modest amount to start” Competitions continue in Finland, Switzerland and Canada.

Next thing will be Turkey refuses to let US withdraw its nuclear bombs from Incirlik. Just my prediction.
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The noises began a while ago.

Clarification sought.

The NATO ally?
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The US has made efforts to defuse tensions with Turkey. Though Incirlik is best known of American facilities, the U.S. military had eight major operating locations in Turkey. The US Air Force lead service at seven of those sites, with the U.S. Army being responsible for operations at the Kurecik Radar Station, near the city of Malatya.

Turkish companies under contract to the Air Force perform work like repaving roads, runways, renovating underground piping for water and sewage, and other general infrastructure-related work.

This outlined in Pentagon budget documents also include more intensive projects, such as renovating larger existing facilities, such as housing or office buildings, or erecting entirely new facilities.

Turkish companies have also been involved in the design and construction of new or revised security features. Turkey's Kuanta Construction, working as a subcontractor to the Aselsan Cooperation, built a new security perimeter for the so-called "NATO area" of that base where the nuclear weapons are secured.

There are substantial areas of investment from America with money poured in this country that they conveniently, completely ignore.!!!!

But then whats new.

Interfering America.

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