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Things Canadian.

Is that likely to happen with Trudeau in power pushing green initiatives?
Trudeau is the one who nationalised the Trans Mountain pipeline to ensure the expansion got built, and he's the one who has been saying that it is going through regardless of any opposition. He has stated that it is a national priority regardless of any green initiatives.

Nobody has been making any proposals for post 2030 expansion capacity, and some people in the investment industry are seriously questioning whether there will be enough demand for it in global markets to pay for more pipelines.

My own opinion is that, for the reasons that I have previously stated, if another pipeline is required it makes more sense to target Asian markets than it does the US market. I'm not running a pipeline company, but this is my take on it.
Yes because his initiatives are aimed at Canadians directly, just like asbestos was, bad for here but no problem exporting it.
Ah, but said asbestos was in Quebec, which means that the Liberals will move Heaven and Earth to get it to market somehow.

I have absolutely no doubt that if the oil was in northern Quebec, ( let's say Fermont for instance ) there would be a 4 lane highway to there, pipelines already laid to any place you can think of in Canada, and Petro Quebec would have a monopoly on all oil products in Canada.

Despite this Quebec would still be considered a Have Not province and would claim a large chunk of change in equalization payments.
Well his father as PM a scant generation ago shut the door on Canadian crude exploration and expansion and is still bitterly remembered for it for this.
In Ontario you can still carry out oil exploration, just not on public lands.
Well his father as PM a scant generation ago shut the door on Canadian crude exploration and expansion and is still bitterly remembered for it for this.
Pierre Trudeau poured massive amounts of taxpayer money into subsidising and expanding the oil industry. This included helping to bail out Syncrude and taking an equity stake in the company when the oil companies backing the proposal said that it was too big of a risk to privately finance. Syncrude were the ones who kicked off the oil sands industry on a big scale in Alberta, and it was their success which inspired other companies to follow (GCOS were there before, but were a small scale operation at the time). The province of Ontario also backed the venture financially with an equity stake.

Pierre Trudeau also started PetroCanada as a national state owned oil company, which was later privatised. It became Canada's largest oil company. It owned oil sands production, high Arctic oil exploration and production (another area which Trudeau subsidised), as well as refining and retail operations.

I'm not sure where you're getting your information about Pierre Trudeau "shutting the door on exploration and expansion" from, but it doesn't bear any resemblance to actual history. Conservatives didn't like it because they were against state involvement in business, but no other politician in Canadian history did more to subsidise and expand the oil industry as he did.
My husband has a soft spot for Adrienne Clarkson. He thinks she was the best GG that we had for a long time. She'd show up when asked, dressed appropriately, and was always pleasant to talk to.

Maybe we should have Rick Mercer, gay, Newfie, CBC employee.
I always liked Rick, especially went he went on one of his rants.

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