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Sad to say Canada, but it's seems you are home to the planet's most insufferable bellend.

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If you follow through on the original tweet you will discover even more examples of weapons grade spunktrumpetry, including the reasons he was expelled, his standing for election, and even videos of his behaviour on buses. Bit of local legend it seems.
Funny, he doesn't look a bit like Trudeau...
Funny, he doesn't look a bit like Trudeau...
Peter MacKay 'not happy' with tweet needling Trudeau over yoga expenses
Peter MacKay was "not happy" with a tweet issued by his leadership team poking fun at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's yoga habit, the Conservative leadership candidate told CBC News today. (...)

MacKay said he wants to maintain a "civilized" tone in his campaign for the Conservative leadership and thinks that tweet crossed a line. But he said he won't apologize for it or take it down.

"Well, it's factual, but I want to keep the tone civilized," he said. "I want to keep the tone about solutions. I want to move to a better place and a better discourse. And so ... I am not happy at the way that was put up on my site. And I voiced that to my team.
A WWII veteran would like to receive 100 birthday cards for his upcoming birthday on the 6th of March. This is being organised by his son.
WW II vet Fred Arsenault is turning 100. His son plans birthday gift that's 'just out of this world'

Fred Arsenault loves getting letters the old-fashioned way — through the postal service.

It was while serving in the Second World War that Arsenault learned to fully appreciate the significance of receiving that envelope.

"He was in a slit trench and he would get a letter from his mom. So, he would read it at night in the darkness," his son, Ron Arsenault told CBC News.

"My dad was a private in the army … He was involved in the Italian campaign [and] he was also involved in the liberation of the Netherlands."

Arsenault will be turning 100 on March 6 and his son says he has come up with a birthday gift that is "just out of this world" for his dad.

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