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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Provisional estimates of the public finances show that in August 2009 the public sector had:
    • a current budget deficit of £12.8 billion;
    • net borrowing of £16.1 billion

    and at the end of August 2009:
    • net debt was £804.8 billion, equivalent to 57.5 per cent of gross domestic product.


    Thank god Gordon's running the shop. I'd hate to think how bad it would have been if New Labour was not at the helm.
  2. :lol:

    The figures are absolutely staggering. 2/3/4 billions absolutely fcuk all these days, these incompetant b@stards throw around trillions like they're going out of fashion. Still, everythings alright as long as Gordon and Allister have enough paper and ink to feed the printing press 8O
  3. When I was in green, it always puzzled me why I should have to pay tax. It's not as if I was bringing money into the economy. The same goes for any one whose wage is payed by the government/taxpayer.
    ie Here's your wage of £15000 per annum, but once you've been taxed, it's only £13000.(Figures for illustrative purposes only) No one is actually paying tax, it's like Jim Bowen saying 'Lets see what you could have won'

    Why not state that 'you're just a leech, sucking the lifebreath out of the UK economy, please justify why you are entitled to take sick days, go on strike,etc when the rest off the people in The UK actually have to work for a living.
    How many people in here are actually in a union, unless their job is supported in someway by The Taxpayer.

    That's my tuppence worth, why should any one pay tax out of their earnings, when they are being paid out of the public purse

    Edited once, you can beat an egg, but you can't beat cider
  4. More people get employed in Inland Revenue!
  5. Indeed, we might be stuck with someone who thinks that having GDP fall by 20% in a year is a 'price worth paying' :roll:
  6. When nearly 2% of the working population is a civil servant (their figures), and then when you add all the personel working for the councils and other public bodies throughout the country, all coming out of the public purse, there is not a lot of people in this country who are actually contributing to actually bringing money into the cofers.
  7. 2%....?

    There aprox 29 million people working in the UK
    5.8 million of those work directly for the taxpayer, yes a staggering 20%ish of working people in the UK are paid for at the expense of the taxpayer. That takes no account of the quantity of people who's earnings are subsidised through tax credits

    That means a nation of 62 million people or so are funded by nett contributors of around 24 million.

    The NHS alone employs 1.3 million and is the worlds 3rd largest employer.

    And yet Gordon seems unable to see why we are sinking fast.
  8. Instead, we have Glorious Gordon, Mr Prudence himself. The man who reformed the UK economy so there would be no more 'boom & bust', the man who cannot find the honesty to tell the country that were his party to win the next election, they'd have to make swinging cuts in public spending. The man who thinks the way to solve the reliance on debt created imaginary wealth, is to encourage Britons to get even further into debt.

    Yep, I'm so thankful that Gordon's running the shop. It could have been Pol Pot!
  9. Shocking eh? Who would have thought that we are better off than almost every other country in Europe! You wouldn't believe that listening to the current tittle tattle of "their policies are rubbish, and theirs and theirs" in the press.
  10. Soviet Britain
    Good of Cyclops to create such a nice balanced economy 8O
  11. Apparently the govt had to borrow several billion quid this month. Er, who exactly are they borrowing this loot from? Who could possibly be thick enough to trust a pack of goons like that. And what terms are these generous bungs being organised for I wonder?????
  12. If I remember rightly, a previous article had the North and North East at some 55% working for the State.

    Where the feck does Secretary General Brown think all the money is coming from to pay these wages? Added to that is the welfare budget and as has already been stated, the outgoing far exceeds the income which any family elders gathering around the kitchen table would know that the belt has to be tightened and spending reined in.

    Cutting Child Benefit payments to all those earning £40k a year or more, limiting Child Benefit payments to the first two born babies in any family and cutting benefits to families when the Kids reach school age would not only reduce the growing dependency on the State, but it would go along way to lowering the debt of the nation. I mean, if you're reliant upon Child Benefit to raise a family then you probably shouldn't be having a large family anyway. Also, to help people to invest in their own retirement cash ISA limits should be raised to £6k so that everyone can invest in their own future without being punished for being prudent.
  13. Is it any wonder that those people are the ones who vote Labour through thick and thin?