Thieving twats

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jeffrey, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. Just had a phone call from my aunt, my mum who has been having some pretty intense cancer treatment over the past 3 months has just had her shed broken into. She's so ill that she can't even drink water and has been hospitalised at one point during her treatment for over a month, just so they can get fluids in her.

    She's a chef when she's able to work and has now discovered that her knives have gone walkies so now she's worrying about paying for them when/if she is fit enough to go back to work. She's worked her entire life and has very little to show for it and now some cunt has decided that what little she does fucking have is better off in their hands. I suspect kids because of some of the other stuff stolen and they will have no idea of the value of what they've got. If they don't use the knives to stab each other they'll just use them as saws and axes until they get bored.

    It fucking infuriates me.
  2. 1) Put an ad in the windows of local newsagents/corner shops/chav hangouts saying you want a set of chefs knives.
    2)when the scrote presents himself fill the little Cnut in.

    this method has had literally some success!

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  3. Fixed.
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  4. Have you never heard of eBay???
  5. record.jpg
    that should do it
  6. Have you ever heard that they won't let you sell knives on Ebay?
  7. I'm struggling to understand why anyone would keep kitchen knives in a shed. Surely there's a clue in the name.
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  8. What do you want? A fucking charity single to be released, Lenny fuckin Henry round the house to tell some jokes or some insurance claim forms?
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  9. Why were they in the shed?
  10. They broke in to nick the knives; do try to keep up! :)
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  11. It's where I keep the ones I need for my extra curricular activities along with the chloroform, black/nasty, shovel and black plastic sheeting. The others are kept in the kitchen drawer as usual.
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  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    A tragic tale and a sad indictment of our times. But since we are talking sheds, I have for sale:

    1 spade. Plastic handle.
    1 garden fork. One of those cheap B&Q jobs with cast tines. Piece of shite to be honest.
    Trowels. Several. In an interesting variety of colours. Some broken.
    Lawn mower. Small. Orange. Electric. Another piece of shite. Grass bag missing.
    String, tin cans, half empty bags of mortar which have gone solid.
    A nice set of kitchen knives. Plastic handles.
    Old dolls bus pass valid until 2018.
    Shed padlock. Broken.

    Cash or swap for a jet-ski.
  13. What infuriates me is people posting shite for no reason.
    What do you expect to gain from a bunch of pissed up aging old cunts spread all over the globe who spend what little time they have left chatting bollocks on a vaguely military website?
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  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Fuck off you heartless bastard. The man might want to buy a garden rake. Or a set of kitchen knives. Or the contents of a sick old birds underwear drawer. Some of us have items of this nature for sale.

    See our eBay shop for details.
  15. Any chance of a link to the shop?
    I'm looking for a set of good quality chefs knives.