Thieving Rat B******

I've seen a few threads here about folks that have done over soldiers financially. Wives/girlfriends making off with the pay and allowances whilst a fellow is overseas, squandering disability/death benefits, etc.

Here, unfortunately, is another one, a Canadian lawyer (how surprising that a lawyer is a thief). However, this fellow has stolen money from the grieving parents of a dead soldier. The whole story can be found at

The basics are that Mr. Murtha (the lawyer) embezzeld some $200,000 CAD (about $180,000 USD or roughly 90,000 GBP) from the family of Pte Richard Green, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2002 in a blue-on-blue incident.

A horrid thing to lose a young son. Worse to find out that it was from blue-on-blue. And just to add the proper amount of insult to grievous loss, a rat b*stard lawyer to do a mother over financially.

Perhaps he could form part of the negotiating team our NDP wants to have cut a deal with the Taliban. I'm sure they would make him feel most welcome.
PTSD as a motive for embezzlement? That's a new one.

There's no mention of the possibility of a custodial sentence. Can this be right? I would have hoped that this cnut would be sh1tting range glue on a daily basis for at least the next ten years.
Is that it - he's banned from practising?! No jail sentence? And he's blaming it on PTSD and 9/11.

At least he had some sense to have insurance and his victims will get their money back.
Companies insurance I think. And it was PTSD from Vietnam FFS, I'm not saying it's not possible but the fcuker trained to be a law(ia)yer after nam, not something most PTSD sufferers could achieve.

From the article; "Mr. Murtha, a decorated war veteran, is claiming he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder that dates back to his time in Vietnam, where he served with the U.S. Marines." - First off, BS on that, thats no excuse to steal from a Soldiers family.

He should be hung by his scrotal sack.Secondly, How many Murthas were decorated in the Marines? Jack is the Congressman from Pa., now this Cnut, Twins?
I find the fact that he is "a decorated veteran" exacerbates his crime rather than mitigates it. He should have more than an inkling of the sacrifices that soldiers make and the devastation that their deaths visits upon a family, especially a parent.

I know that every nation has people of this stripe, that want nothing more than to take advantage of someone and line their pockets. But is there no level to which they will not stoop?

All around sad.

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