Thieving RAF Movers

There security isn't very good on one part of the site a bloke puts his telephone number for all to see.

Am on 01*** 3****3 till 2000 on the **th then resettlement. or lve a mssge with S****n and i will calll u

Cheers n***e
Really bad PERSEC.

might aswell nick our site idea they happily nick the kit from our bags when we deploy

quite disappointed on the poll asking what you think of the site, on the forum index, there's no all movers are cnuts option
smooj - trust me - you have nothing any RAF type would want. I mean - why would we want a gonk bag (we prefer duvets), bergen (we prefer Sasmsonite), entrenching tool (we prefer charm when tapping birds), or any of that crap you think the lads nick?
That new site is not good - yet. It has not had the time or the pro input this one has. At least the COs comments are valid & constructive.
I'm a technical no-hoper, so can someone with a bit more knowhow post the 'I HATE CRABS' and 'I HATE MOVERS' threads in their entirety onto this blatant Arrse rip-off?
Movement Control - Passenger Briefings, Loading Aircraft, Weights and Balances, Tieing Down Loads, In Flight Rations, Air Dispatches, Railway Transport Office (RTO).

A thrilling Topic?

Darth_Doctrinus said:
...and 'The_pugster' has nicked General Melchett's avatar...have these people NO sense of style or originality?
Isn't that LairdX's?
Crabs - pah! What a load of fcuking amateurs. One doesn't have to log on to post replies on their shambolic Arrse ripoff site. Someone has been very rude on it! Shocking!!

When all is said and done - mimicry is the highest form of flattery!!
You should not tarnish everyone with the same brush.
At the end of the day the Army recruit a high percentage of low lifes. Ive seen this with my own eyes as I joined the Army 13 years ago, so to call us theives is beyond belief.If its not tied down the Army will have it, thats natural instinctfor scavengers.
When I joined the RAF I took alot of flak about being ex army and I even tried to transfer back across to the Army but my CO wouldnt allow it.The army is in my Heart as Im a former pads brat who grew up in Germany.
The Army do like to give sh1t out but try looking in the mirror for once we are not all perfect far from it.
Back to the topic 'thieving RAF movers' Ive not seen bags being stolen from and if i had strong words would be said.
There Im off my soapbox I do apologise if Ive rubbed any of you up the wrong way but I had to bite back.

I think the theiving claim may be more to do with your site etc and not the possible mis-placing of kit and equipment.
Who the f*ck likes Movers? And these re RAF movers, the worst, laziest, most useless most arrogant of a crap bunch anyway. Let them have their own forum. I for one won't be going to read boring posts on how they forced some young squaddie who had been in Iraq for six months wait in the terminal at BIA while the aircrew had a day off and then made him leave his daysack full of all his 'must have gear' behind because the RAF can't count and they rekoned his kit was over.

Knobs... I've sh1t things that do a better job than they can.
Their gallery is an 'interesting' place too!

Is this a get together prior them going to work as P&O stewards on the Dover-Calais crossing?

P&O stewards meeting

All rather fat arent they.

I'll bet there is a massive fire risk with them all rubbing together too. 8O

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