Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by conco, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Just a thought :?
    If the NAAFI can set a fixed rate daily to buy stuff in their wonderful shops, does that mean that they bought all of the electrical items from the UK at a knock down price (inflated for MOD sales) and then attached a € price label for that days conversion rate!
    So why can’t they reduce the cost to us the customer, on a daily conversion rate like the food?
    I suppose they couldn’t do that as they would say they would loose money? Or was that PROFIT? :twisted:

    Oh and the EFI!!!!!!! i cant leave them out :!:
  2. are you new to the army?
  3. OK i suppose i should no by now not to buy anything form the naafi, apart from marmite and uterly butterly!
  4. Went in yesterday and they have Argos Catalogues in there now WTF next?!!
  5. I remember getting a stereo from them back in the day got it on the never never and paid it up full amount then get a letter telling me that due to the FFR changing I still owed them 100 dm's told them to poke it.
    Next thing I know I'm pulled up in front of SSM and threatened with getting charged if I dont pay the money as they'd phoned up the unit. So I had to pay it. Cheers St*&d you prick never mind the lad who kept smashing windows at the weekend and was up in front of you every week for it as he was a football player and your blue eyed boy it was a case of naughty boy don't do it again ....cnut
  6. Saw a TV in the NAAFI yesterday, a Samsung flat screen type thing HD ready and all that kind of stuff it was exactly the same price (2222 euro) as exactly the same model in MediaMarkt except if I were to buy it from the German shop Id get the tax off (422.18 euro)!
    I asked a NAAFI bod why it was more expensive, his reply was the TV in MediaMarkt wouldnt work in the UK, bollox, Id already checked that one out it is a multi-region TV, his next excuse was the transport costs to get it from the UK to the fatherland.
    Thieving gypos.
  7. I had a run in with these bods once as I was getting screwed on the FFR. Told them it was not my fault and the woman on the end of the phone said it may not be but she would be calling my unit to make sure it became my fault.

    Thanked her for her time and asked her to make sure it was her legal right to contact my employer and, if it turned out it wasn't, and she went ahead anyway, I would be contacting her employer via my legal team.

    Never heard from them again.
  8. They used to put signs up saying you won't find the same thing cheaper. Which I asked them about as food cheaper in Marktkauf and electirical as Filbert says MUCH cheaper in media MArt plus the tax off.

    The answer was.. Cheaper than any other NAAFI in a fixed radius. Since that meant the families NAAFI I was in and the singlies NAAFI on camp (which only really sells booze fags etc) not really saying much. THe signs came down shortly after that.

    Mind you seing people with trollies full in the NAAFI depresses me as the German shops are far cheaper.

    Also AMAZON if posting items to a BFPO address will take of the tax as well which makes some electronics DVDs and the like far far cheaper that the NAAFI, same applies to PLAY.COM.
  9. Let it go pal :wink: :wink:
  10. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I'm old enough to remember being the debt collection agency for NAAFI. We got a list every month of guys who were overdue on their HP payments.
    Never bought me a pint for doing their work for them though!
  11. And that is what grips my poop. No where else would a list of names be provided to an employer for this type of debt recovery! Totally wrong!

    I have to say at this point that I am not, nor ever have been an employer of the NAAFI services.
  12. I hate them, I heard on BFBS radio "If you don't start paying with pods then products will be rounded up to the nearest dollar".

    That's illegal, bunch of c unts. How about get more fuckin pogs made you stingy pricks.
  13. Arrived in BFG 1991 straight from the factory.

    The first words my new det comdr said to me were "alright hows it going. listen carefully cause I won't tell you this again. If I ever catch you with a naafi charge card in your possession i'll kick your fukcing teeth down your throat".

    After witnessing the amount of t.v's, stereos etc lads were buying on these cards and then punting out at a lower price at the end of the month to get some beer tokens, not to mention the 29% interest they were charging on the cards I realised he'd done me a big favour.

    Cheers Daz. :wink:
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Illegal in the UK too. :oops:
  15. Ive always like the price checks

    TAX free shop 7 quid for 200 L&B
    NAFFI rip off 15 quid 200 L&B

    German shop with their VAT 12 quid for a DVD
    NAFFI shop without any tax 15 quid for a DVD

    Utter arseholes, still as long as they employ ex officers as staff we will always be getting humped