Thieving MEP B******s

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lewiscollins, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. The following link is from a German report into MEPS claiming expenses they are not entitled to. Namely they sign in at 0700 and f*** off home while getting paid a full days allowance. It's a few minutes long but worth it- if only to see the cnuts actually RUNNING away from the camera - one dozy bint even runs into the wall in her efforts to get away quickly...
    Youtube link
  2. You're absolutely right to describe them in those terms. Note that the report only uses terms such as 'abuse'. It's theft, and should be treated as such - if someone in a commercial organisation was caught like that he'd be sacked instantly and probably taken to court. And of course the European Hot Air Shop isn't the only one where this is going on; a good scrub of the place is called for. Dettol and Wire Brush.
  3. And this surprises you why?

  4. B0llocks. Jimpy and several thousand rounds of ball and tracer, more like. :evil:

    What do you call hundreds of dead politicians? A good start.
  5. Shag the bird who presents the news though :)
  6. In the late 1980s at the height of the Cold War, the Human Rights organisation 'Liberty' managed to have televised on UK TV, a 'festival of rights'. They awarded to the then Home Secretary, Michael Howard, the 'Golden Cockroach award'. It was a gold-plated drain-cover mounted on an inscribed brick.

    The presenter explained to the public the strikingly similar characteristics between the cockroach and the politician:

    (a), They appear where they are not wanted

    (b), They contaminate everything they come into contact with

    (c), They are extremely difficult to get rid of.

    (d), They thrive and breed in the dark

    (e), They scuttle for cover when light is shone on them

    (f), They are the only species of vermin that will survive a nuclear war unscathed.

    I am grateful to lewiscollins for the image which would appear to vindicate Liberty's observation at (e) and hope that he does not mind me passing the u-tube link on to another forum.

    The response by Herr Reiner Holznagel of the European Taxpayer's alliance when presented with compelling evidence of the theft of money from millions of EU Citizens by identifiable Euro MPs, is an almost child-like and touching expression of naive and folorn hope when he suggests:

    "......I believe an appeal should be made to their morality..."

    A lamb before lions!
  7. No wonder they want control over an EU Army.

    Gruniad Link

    You can see why they are in a rush to devolve all the contributing countries armed forces in an EU force...
  8. Thats all right, we'll all just turn up for battle, sign the register and then head home!!

    If this was done in historically significant battles, where would we be today? I can imagine Braveheart would have been able to hold off the english for a while with his barricade of signing on registers!!
  9. ............or the dole, in the example you have given.
  10. What grips me is that all of the leeches shown stealing public money seemed to have forgotten who their employers are. They should be obliged to substantiate, via TV if necessary, everything they claim and not treat us with contempt.
    The scenes of the empty chamber would seem to indicate a need for less MEP than we support at present.
    Thank goodness nothing like this could happen in the UK.