Thieving chav mong sh1te

Sorry folks, major rant coming up.
My 83 year old Mother in Law went in to town, yesterday, to do a bit of shopping.
She was in Argos, looking through a catalogue, when some thieving sh1te cnut pr1ck put their hand in her bag and lifted her purse. It contained about £70 and her cards. On top of that, the purse was a special present from her late husband.
Just what is this country coming to? I know there is a bit of a drug problem in my area,(as in most places it seems), but for Gods, sake stealing from the elderly?!?!?!?!
Understandably, she was rather upset and didn't get much sleep last night, and I had to go with her in to town today.
At the risk of sounding irresponsible, I feel like taking all this countries wasters, throwing them in one huge pit and pouring boiling tar all over them and delight in hearing them scream!
Right, rant over, I'm going to get my Wayne and Waynetta voodoo dolls out and stick a million pins in them.



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I'll send you the purse back if you pay the postage. PM me?
Bummer, as I left the shop I saw that she actually had a rather nice handbag, and Big Dave said he shifted one just like that for a ton last friday. Fcuking cards are maxed out anyway, obviously the stupid old bint has a robbing daughter.

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