Thieving Barstewards of the CS A


Some advice needed if any one is sober enough and has a slightly legal brain on them on a Sunday afternoon.

The wonderful CSA have stiffed me again it seems. My company made a mistake and overpaid them by some £215 this month which has had a dramatic impact on a tight month on my finances.

They are refusing to return it as they say there are arrears on the account which they need to recover.

My problem is these arears have apparently been generated by the ex wife complaining she received no money ovre a three month period and now they stiffed me for the back bill. Not bad considering I did pay her and it was by SO direct to her bank account, they never checked with me and just stiffed me with the bill.

Surprise surprise I am fighting this one currently, but is it legal to stiff me with a bill without first investigating fully the circimstancess?

Secondly, regardless of their so called arrears can they legally keep an overpayment when this had never been given as a possible course of action?

Thirdly is this all legal when they provide a payment plan, effectively a court order, laying out what my employer is to deduct from my wages and then recieve an overpayment?

Fourthly who is legally responsible for picking up my excess bank charges and additional interest due to an inability to cover a bill due to someone elses ineptness and stupidity.

***Deep breath in***

off soap box now and any advice greatly welcome or do I just give it up and paya visit to the Crewe office for some proper attitude adjustment in a proper style?

570 - Welcome to the world of hte CSA.

Take a look at the other thread on this board:

I won't repeat the thread, but the general line is; that you will chase your tail on this for months.

The CSA overpayment, will have been paid out to the Parent with Care, and as such, once paid out, you can't get it back. At least, yours was only £200. Since Telic, I've had about six months where the figure of overpayment has been in excess of £1000, so, the bank charges and any other fees that your financial position causes, are yours and yours alone to bear.

Good luck.
I have been chasing the csa to get maintainance of the Ex Whore for the last 5 years........

everytime they get hold of her, she changes job or changes address....

Now she has shacked up with another squaddie and is living off his wage, so i have no hope in hell of getting any money of IT........

I spoke to the csa and they said if the tables were turned then i would have to pay £320 per month, and they would get it cause of my job.....

Where`s the justice hey.......
Strictly speaking any overpayment should be taken off future payments although they tend to do this by reducing your monthly payment by about £2 over a 100 year period - not helpful.

Do you have to make payments through your company? If you pay directly through your bank account you have the control of how much goes out. This would help avoid the same thing happening again in the future.

Good luck, hope it works out for you.
The CSA are a fcuking pain in the Arrse.

They contacted me in January trying to get just under £7500 off me, the BFH went to them becuase I deducted money from my direct payments to her to because she was sending my kids out with holey trainers and jeans etc, so I bought new clothes, same place as she does, so she went whinging to the CSA, she stold them she'd not had anything from me since Jan 2005, therefore they were trying to get monies from then. I was able to prove just over £5k direct to her bank account, but not the rest, given in faith as cash payment, I provided all my bank statements showing the cash withdrawls on the dates it was due etc, but all she had to say to the CSA was that she's never received it, so I'm stuck with £2k arrears just because she said so, no investigation, no chance of any appeal, just pay up, the C (an't) S (ort) A (nything) is a total waste of time, I can understand why guys top themselves, it's like talking to a brick wall, you're treated like a criminal, tw@ts!!

Rant over

What ever you do DO NOT PAY HERE VIA CHEQUE, I got caught out big time by that. we split up and agreed that i would pay £300 a month for my little girl, knew i was going on Ops for 6 Months so wrote out 8 months worth of cheques for her for the 1st of each month. Giving me plenty of time on return to sort things out. Came back and she had gone to CSA as i came home, i said i could prove that i had paid her while away - went to bank they said they could show a cheque had been cashed on the 2nd of every month but couldnt say to where. so CSA said i hadnt given her any money and that i owed back pay £2500 i had to back pay to them on top of the monthly payments - only good thing was they said i would only have to pay her £250 a month. But i was still stung and no longer speak to the whore.
coffeecream said:
What ever you do DO NOT PAY HER VIA CHEQUE, I got caught out big time by that........................went to bank they said they could show a cheque had been cashed on the 2nd of every month but couldnt say to where.
I have a real problem with this as the clearing system will provide details of the receiving branch on the back of the cheque.

For far too long I have been involved in the tracing of funds through the banking system, (through various paid work, including DWP, Local Authority and for solicitors), we normally ask the paying branch for a copy of the reverse of the cheque, then check the sort code for the receiving branch and then look at the account reference. Where the wheels can come off is where the cheque has been cashed at the pub or with a mate or one of those instant credit places. Always issue crossed cheques, account payee only, just to pi$$ them off.

I think your bank is taking the pi$$.

If you can, use Internet banking to give direct credit to the Ex's account. If it works the first time- get a receipt, the subsequent payments will give a clear trail.

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