Thieving at Catterick.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by little_hinton, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. I don't think of myself a naive.

    But you get through all the interviews, the medicals, selection, accepted into the British army, then once there you decide to steal from your brother in arms.

    Sounds insane to me, but how often does thieving go on at Catterick? I'm starting in October, And if it does occur, is there a way The thieved or I could make sure it never happened to us again? breaking fingers is a good one in my eyes, not great in the overall aim of his basic training though.

    I just seem to catch the occasional thread with this mentioned, i know there are bad apples wherever you go, just wondered how often it happened?
  2. Ofcourse it does, get cnuts slip through like everywhere else in the world. Just get it sorted with your section commander if you see anything misplaced or stolen from you. Don't buy all this "don't speak up" bulls***.

    IF there is someone stealing in your platoon, surely they cant be trusted, and integrity & trust within the plt is everything!
  3. Buy some good padlocks, sort your admin out (ie tidy your kit away) and personal kit wont go missing.

    Of course this cannot be said for issue kit in the drying rooms, but that's what permy pens are for.
  4. Yeah just stick your name on everything thats what they are for, and padlocks. But occasionally some jack bastard will come along and something might go missing. But generally it doesn't happen too much, but don't rule it out
  5. sounds Ok then, obviously the cnuts get into everywhere just wondered how often, but ill just take the advice, put my name on everything, get some decent locks and square everything away.

  6. Yeah good effort, you'll get to training and you won't get on with every single person but you'll bond with your section and other lads quickly! I hated some lads at first, ended up being good mates after a while haha! Just watch is anyone comes in your room that isn't supposed to be there lol.
  7. Went I did my 6 month stint in Bosnia in 1995; upon retuning back to Regiment HQ, I was greeted to find that some scrot had broken into my locker and nicked about £2.50 in loose 1 & 2p's.

    It happens everywhere.

    Invest in a decent padlock for your locker......saying that, If these individuals are that desparate to steal, they will.
  8. So whats the rules, or 'protocol' if you are stolen from, report to the section commander, buy new better padlock.

    The major at selection stated that stealing from the people around you is the worst crime to ever commit, then said "But we have ways of making sure it doesn't happen again, obviously I don't condone this, but it seems effective"

    Is this an inside secret that i should find out if it ever does happen during basic? or was he just trying to scare the scrotes around us.
  9. Theiving goes on everywhere irrespective of whether its the depot or other locations, it maybe more rife in training establishments due to the short period trainee's are located there,

    Recruits always moan at why the Instructors are always on their cases in respect of personal security & using the correct procedure, following it can quite often be forgotten by recruits.
  10. surely there is a better way, considering the thief is the only person Not being punished. regardless of the soap in socks incident.
  11. no I ment lock everything up
  12. AAGF


    We had one in the room at Arborfield. Some brutes broke his hand with a bumper (without pad fitted). Seemed to address the problem. I suspect similar action is being hinted by the major ...
  13. Which paper will it appear in?
  14. Yeah i thought it sounded a bit 'Probing' no paper to report to though, purely personal curiosity.