Thieves steal military explosive from train

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Oct 27, 2012.

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  1. Lets hope the fucker blow themselves up!
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  2. This shite wouldn't have happened if the Army still ran it's own trains.
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  3. "The rectangular bar mines contain explosives but need extra components to make them operational, said Whitehall sources."

    The above quote from the article directly below a pic of a round russian mine TM-40something if my brain remembers right.
    How hard is it to google L9 barmine for an image?
    Lazy bastards.
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  4. Dont forget the pictures of tankers at the bottom of the page.
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  5. Ah well, November 5th rapidly approaches. Perhaps they'll be put to good use after all!
  6. Preferably not shouting alah Akbar before they do.
  7. When did the MoD/Army run it's own trains on the main network in the UK?As I recall munitions were always shipped from Depot to the ports by B.R.
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  8. Bang on. The army trains only shunted them through the gates where they were met by the BR engines.

    Opportunists indeed. The orange explosive hazard signs may have been a give away. Barmines are 1.1D IIRC?

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  9. Damn! I was going to include mention of hazardous materials placards proclaiming STEAL ME!!
  10. For those not in the know of what the L9 Barmine is, here are the basic specs of it.

    Weight: 11 kilograms (24 lb)
    Explosive content: 8.4 kilograms (19 lb) of RDX/TNT
    Length: 1.2 metres (47 in)
    Height: 0.082 metres (3.2 in)
    Width: 0.108 metres (4.3 in)
    Operating pressure: 140 kilograms (310 lb)

    Lets hope that the " thieves " did not have a different agenda than just grabbing what looked shiny, and do not have the ability or materials to fill in that little gap of the missing components.
  11. Mmmmmhhhh.........L9.........fuck off big barmines........are they any good for getting rid of moles do you think?
  12. Went missing at Birmingham?

  13. Yeah, I was thinking of 79 Railway and was assuming the UK had similar. Still, if there was similar here you can be sure there would have been a slack handful of SLR wielding Drivers stagging on the train
  14. How the hell are we supposed to blow up all those taliban tanks now!?
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