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Thieves steal memorial plaques for scrap metal...


"Plymouth Scrap metal thieves have stolen four bronze plaques containing the names of hundreds of men killed during the Second World War from one of Britain's largest war memorials.

The plaques, which weigh 40kg (88lb) each, were taken over two nights from a memorial on Plymouth Hoe to members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

Peter Francis, of the War Graves Commission, said: “One can only imagine the pain this is causing to the relatives of the men in Plymouth.”

Although the missing plaques are worth only around £200 each in scrap value they will cost more than £2,000 each to replace. "

The plaques were later found, five men were arrested and bailed.
Makes me want to spit, absolute fcuking lowlifes, defacing a war memorial, insulting the memories of the fallen, for a couple of hundred quid.
At least the thieves are back out in society, where vengeful families etc can get at them. :x :x
Oh if anybody's local, perhaps they can keep an eye on the docket for these scum being tried? If I were a CPS civil servant, I would pop them in court on, let's just look at the diary, Mr Justice Flogemto-D'eath is sitting at Plymouth on erm...Tuesday, 11th November 2008...capital.

Imagine the atmosphere, 12 good men and true in pinstripe suits, reggie ties and poppies sat in the jury benches. Curiously they were all in jeans and tee-shirts during jury selection and unshaven, unlike today. The court filled with Arrsers wearing pinstripe suits, blazers or sports jackets, with reggie ties and poppies. As fair a trial as they deserve, I reckon...
Since these vermin will no doubt get let off, it may be more prudent to have said Gentlemen waiting outside with a celebration slap for them!
' Persons of an alternative life style have collectively relieved a community of Jingoistic bigots of some bronze. '

Well try and sell it round here.
I saw that memorial just a month ago, it was impressive.

People vandalising it, let alone stealing from it, should be locked up.

Nothing will stop other scumbags from doing it as they can get away with it. :x
Probably ended up ditching them because no scrap metal dealer would weigh in something that was obviously a memorial to the fallen. Hope the scumbags have pictures in the paper. When i'm down that way i would gladly look them up and take them out for a nice pint of broken teeth. SCUM deserve to be paraded through all the bases in the area with every forces member allowed one crack!

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