Thieves Rob Grave of Iraq Sgt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ice_and_a_Slice, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Ice_and_a_Slice

    Ice_and_a_Slice Old-Salt

    By Naphtalia Loderick
    THE military grave of a British soldier who died fighting in Iraq has been raided by thieves.

    They took personal keepsakes left by his family, including letters, cards and a poppy wreath.

    Dad-of-three Sgt Paul Connolly was killed in action while serving near Basra on Boxing Day 2004. He was 33.

    His mother Helen Connolly, 53, said she was outraged but added that the vandalism would not deter her from leaving mementoes at her son's graveside.

    She said: "Boxing Day was the first anniversary of my son's death. The whole family went to the grave to lay a poppy wreath and leave Christmas and birthday cards and a Christmas tree but they have all gone missing.

    "It's really upsetting people can be so callous but I won't be beaten."

    Crawley council in West Sussex has promised to watch the grave while the Royal British Legion have offered to replace the wreath.

    Paul joined the army at 18 and went to Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Yugoslavia on active duty.

    Culprit/s need stringing up. My blood's boiling reading this.
  2. RABC


    What possible reason would anyone have to do this ??
  3. oh_bug.ger

    oh_bug.ger Old-Salt

    How low can some people stoop.
  4. SuperSnake092

    SuperSnake092 Old-Salt

    What is i with people these days??? Have they no respect.
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