Thieves make off with charity tin at Veterans event

They shouldn't have it tied down...but they should have it booby-trapped :)
Considering I've seen heroin addicts swallow a package that had until moments before been stuffed in their own shite-box, I'm afraid it's not hard to grasp that the bloke who stole it feels no compunction - just relief that he can pay for his next hit.

Doesn't mean I'm not an advocate of 'correctional rehab' for such people.... dark alley, hickory stick, six months in traction kind of rehab.
Chain them to the scumbags who stole the Memorial Plates from the Plymouth Memorial on the Hoe, put them in a small boat and drag them behind the first Warship to leave Plymouth Sound so they can use as a target to test fire their weapons...

Words Fail at times like these...

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