Thieves in the ranks?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by slick, Dec 9, 2004.

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  1. My son was recently posted to the sandpit, upon arrival he was given orders to move a vehicle to another camp, he wasn`t given time to unload his gear from the wagon he arrived in, but was told he would be back in a couple of days. Two weeks later they managed to find a vehicle to bring the drivers back to base and he found his gear thrown in the corner of a tent minus his new assault vest and four hundred cigs. Noone knew anything about it but he was advised to invest in a few padlocks as this kind of thing is quite common. He has now had to double lock his locker and even had rings put on his bergen lid (as recommended by several troops) to padlock this secure. As there are only brit military personnel on the base this is a pisspoor thing to happen. Have the chavs invaded the military ranks? Any thoughts on death by firing squad for thieving scum? :evil:
  2. Slick, there has always been robbing basstards in the Army. Was in my time (80-85) and there is now. We even had a landrover robbed from a locked MT park, as well as kit, clothes and the odd pads quarter. Nothing new. That's why its drilled into you from day one, look after your kit. No one else will.
  3. I remember in 80-81 in brat collage a thief was caught in the block, A kangaroo court decided on his punishment!!! Which was to have a topbox dropped off a 6ft locker on to his hands!!!! Made a nice mess and the little thief decided to leave to brats of his own accord!! Funny that!!! wonder why?? Expect the next time he decided to borrow some stuff without asking he may have thought again!!!

    :evil: DD
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    While not advocating that we move over to the Little Corporal's political stance, it is interesting to note that during Basics in the Waffen SS, eqpt and personal items were not permitted to be locked away !
    This was less to do with making it easier for DS to check your kit than to form a tighter éspirit de corps by ensuring that everyone trusted each other.
    I imagine that any light-fingered 'Schavz' were weeded out rapidly and recieved appropriate admonishments.

    Unfortunately the current prevailing attitude within society in general prevents such cosy, communal, Socialist ideals from being practiced within Her Majestey's Armed Forces.

    Yet another reason that the army should not mirror society.
  5. Yes but Cuts, IIRC the Waffen-SS didn't p1ss around 'human rights' etc when conducting their internal disciplinary affairs. If you got caught, you were off to fight partisans in the Dirlewanger Brigade or break rocks in the quarry at Danzig-Mutzkau prison camp, if they let you live. A good deterrent in my view.
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    Fully agree Chickenpunk, as I said; "appropriate admonishments."

  7. A friend of mine tells a story of being in a Rover that rolled on SPTA.

    No one hurt but the Rover was US. being in the TA they had no fitter section to hand to recover/fix it and also being the weekend none of the SPTA resources could get there either - until Monday morning. Not my story just go with me.

    He got to use the great line

    "We rolled the Rover Over - Over"

    So they mine taped it up (obviously) locked what they could and tabbed off. Monday morning arrive and the REME arrive from battlesbury/wherever to find a Rover so comprehensively stripped that they'd even taken the doors off.
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Sadly this sort of thing is common place especially when deployed. Vehicles and the equipment carried on them seem to be fair game for those who 'process' them on deployment, and frankly the RMP are not interested. Having seen the disgraceful wholescale and almost institutionalised pillaging of stores, equipment and vehicle CES both on the deployment into Kuwait for TELIC 1, and on recovery out of Iraq 6 months later, I am afraid that your son has done the right thing.
  9. The SSI at a certain army-related school which shall remain nameless had a great story about theiving oiks. Let's call him Guardsman A.

    He's a coldstream, and they'd had a problem with someone nicking all sorts of random kit around the barracks, back in the 60s or 70s. One day, just before a nice inspection parade, they discover who the culprit was. In fact, they found him with his arm in somebody else's locker, one of the big old iron jobbies. The first thing that gave the guy the inkling that he's been rumbled was Guardsman A's size 12 parade boot making sharp, guardsmanlike contact with the locker door. '!'

    The next movements were "PADLOCK....ON!"..."AYYYBOUT...TURN!"...and he walked smartly & swiftly away to the inspection parade. On parade, the RSM realises that 'somebhody is missing', and asks if anyone knows where the man is. Guardsman A tells him exactly what happened, and that he would find the gentleman in the barrack room firmly attached by a broken arm to someone else's locker. Some men were sent in to free him, and he was never seen again... Wonder why??? And, of course, no disciplinary action was taken against Guardsman A...
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Although nowadays no doubt the thieving scroat would sue for various breaches of his Human Rights, wrongful dismissal, assault, and failure of the Duty of Care of the Army to provide a safe and secure environment free from violance. He then would have sold his story to the tabloids claiming a culture of institutionalised bullying in the Guards, while his parents supported by some half wit local MP would have demanded a '..full public inquiry..' etc etc etc
  11. post declared obsolete & surplussed out...
  12. msr

    msr LE

    I was always told never get separated from your kit....

  13. In the 50s, all kit had to be displayed on the made up bed with lockers open. Theft did occur but was not widespread. I remember one of the squad instyructors telling us to look after our property "that's why God put bollocks in a bag"
  14. Interesting comments, they should have a system in place where the new arrivals can secure their kit before chucking them their orders, even if its for 10 minutes, one worrying point is that they were in such a rush to get them driving the wagons that they tried to make my son leave his body armour behind, after a very brief argument he managed to grab it and take it along. We can always replace the rest of the missing kit but not him! :?
  15. The other day I flew out of Manchester and noticed quite a few backpackers had a padlocked wire net thing wrapping their kit and locking it to a chair in the process. (as I have on other occasions & airports as well) Looks like this could be used on a bergen as well! Not looked to see them on sale so could not tell you how much they cost!