Thieves’ 2nd bid to steal East End war memorial plaques

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mrrandom, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. They smashed a stone ledge to get at two plaques with the names of those who died in two world wars.

    But they failed to remove the plaques from Tower Hamlets Cemetery in Mile End when they broke in on Sunday night.

    “The thieves took a crowbar to the plaques and have badly damaged them,” the cemetery park’s liaison officer Ken Greenway told the East London Advertiser today.

    “They got in under the cover of darkness, the second time in five months the memorial has been attacked.”

    Two plaques were stolen in August—but later dumped in a builder’s skip and recovered after a public appeal through the Advertiser.

    The War Graves Commission later repaired and reinstalled the plaques in time for November’s annual Remembrance service at the cemetery.

    Police are now investigating this latest raid which was discovered yesterday morning. The War Graves Commission is also due to visit the cemetery to examine the damage.

    Thieves article here

    just said on BBC news that thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused in an attempt to steal the plaques , worth about £80 in scrap value
  2. Just seen it on the local news,Dirty little scumbags !